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I've just come back from seeing Prometheus and I'm afraid to say that I actually quite liked it. Sure there were the inevitable scientific errors, but what can one expect from Hollywood (a recent interview about the Minority Report think-tank pointed out how surprised that scientists found that movie makers would want to talk to them - and how surprised the movie makers were that scientist would want to talk to them), and someone obviously decided that turning the melodrama dial to "11" wasn't enough (and pencilled in a "12" so that people could start panicking before there was anything to panic about), but as an exercise in world-building (which is one of the things I liked about science-fiction) it all hung together quite nicely.

The problem is science generally makes a lousy film, so it was necessary to get people to react contrary to their natural trained inclinations in order to get some essential conflict into the storyline (so as to develop "character"), but all that did was make people accustomed to such technical roles scoff at the lack of professionalism and thereby snap their disbelief suspenders. So you basically end up not emotionally investing in the film. And if you are that theoretical everyman (or everywoman) without the sort of professional training or exposure to such people, then you don't really have enough knowledge of their normal day-to-day life to emotionally invest in the characters either.

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Anyone know a good source for bib and brace overalls in Adelaide (or close enough for expedited delivery). Preferably white, but blue denim will probably also do. Large size.
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Very ouchy today. Barely mad it to the hospital to see my favourite endocrinologist. And my results were so bad she was actually nice to me. Surprise. <sigh> Exhausted after making it home. Goodnight Gracie.
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The Idea of North on the 27th of July. As a quintet with two altos (the original and the spare). Interesting.

And The Twoks are trying to crowd-source their new album.

Temptations. [Meanwhile valiantly resisting looking for new projects on the Kickstarter page, mainly because I'm annoyed at the projects that are purposefully delaying sending stuff to Australia because they already spent the additional postage they charged us.]
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Saw the most excellent Cabin in the Woods today at the cinema with a bunch of extremely lovely people from the Adelaide Discworld Convivium (get your tickets before Friday and the price rise). Most of whom spent much of the movie huddled underneath their coats with just their eyes showing. <evil grin>

I liked it a lot, and Joss didn't disappoint. It has all the Joss hallmarks. Definitely something to see on the big screen, from the night shots, if nothing else.

Commiserated by myself afterwards at the Sugarbowl with a rather sour Mango Black Sticky Rice. Not upt to their usual standard. Bad of me, I know. Was tempted to go riding down the Torrens since the Parklands were nicely foggy, but didn't, as I have the doctor early tomorrow. Then discovered I'm out of caffeine and am currently resisting the urge to head back out to get some.

Maybe. Mostly. Who am I kidding? <sigh>

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Despite the cold and incipient threat of rain* I headed down to The Wheatie to see Dandelion Wine (or Dandilleon Wine as Elise refers to them), in their whistle-stop tour of Adelaide celebrating 10 years since they produced their EP Light Streaming Down which they credit as their inspiration for heading off to Europe. This duo comes with more than their weight in musical toys of various sorts. At one point Nick was playing both mandolin and electric guitar (one strapped above the other), whilst Naomi was playing flute and electronic drum. Not that this was over several delayed loops as well. Given the basis of the journey the music varied from the electro-trance of their early years to the more complicated and deeper electronica fusion they currently play. It even included a new song!

Hopefully they will be back after their next European tour with a new CD. And hopefully they'll play at a venue much more suitable for dance than the Wheatie (despite the fact it is a good venue the varying slopes on the floor are tricky). Then again, it wasn't really a dancey crowd, much as I would have liked it to be.

A large part of the crowd was actually was there to see Leigh Stardust (or it just might have been that they had an early bed-time), as the crowd seemed to have thoroughly dwindled for Dandelion Wine. Which was a pity. Then again, DW can be an acquired taste.

Anyway Ms Stardust was the opening act and she ran through quite a few of her new songs, with the accompanying logorrhoea of bizarre commentary that makes her performances a lot of fun to attend. You'll never attend the same one twice, even if it had the same set list. I actually had a song about the Armageddon enveloping Adelaide dedicated to me for the mere price of a chocolate frog. [There did seem to be rather extensive contamination from Brillig in her new songs: disasters, death, mayhem, and bad (and good) love affairs.]

Anyway it was lots of fun and I am looking forward to see both bands again the next time the play in Adelaide.

[* Aforementioned threat being realised on the way home outside the new hospital construction site (no shelter). Which meant that my celebratory mango sticky black rice was a no go.]

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Music for the month. A quiet month this time, mainly involved with live gigs rather than obtaining recorded music. although I may have forgotten to mention Galanis' new album, which became available via Kickstarter last month.

This monthly report opens with the acquisition of Blind Threshold, Tribal Derivations, and Collide by Beats Antique, and Feast of Hammers by Birdeatsbaby.

Tomorrow (Saturday Jun 16) is the dark electro world music (with hammer dulcimer) of Dandelion Wine at The Wheatie, accompanied by the smiling happy poppy that is Leigh Stardust.

I probably should do something about the Winter Solstice Feast too if I want to actually go.

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A very relaxed Clare Bowditch show at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. I'm fairly certain she didn't forget more than half the words from more than half the songs, but it might have been close. Seriously she covered well and you would have to be a musical super-genius fan of Clare average audience member primary school graduate to notice her clever improvised substitutions. I mean the escalating trill of "for-gott-tetten-eenn-en" was a bit of a fit in that one song, but otherwise...

On a far more serious note (such as the one Clare illustrated on the piano-forte in imitation of Gerard Depardieu in Green card) it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of new stuff (world premiere - 1 [as there was a show yesterday]), a couple of covers, and some from the last album. A lot of crowd participation was required, which met with mixed success amongst the generally older audience near the stage (critical mass was never really reached and sustained until just near the end). I'm sure there are a lot of illegal bootlegs of her new songs available somewhere, especially when Clare pointedly hinted that she didn't really mind bootlegs (although such was seriously against Festival policy, so no one was obvious about it).

The crowd was heavily biased towards the Adelaide Cabaret Festival attendees rather than Clare's usual run of much younger fans (at least gathering from the people seated around us, although I expect there was an age-reversal in the gallery. We were in fact joined at our table by a nice couple of afore-mentioned Festival-goers who were astonished to discover that we had seen Clare seven or so times previously (five for me I think). They were quite impressed and were looking forward to attending one of her future shows at The Gov with her full line-up (this had a much abbreviated line-up).

Was quite enjoyable, rounded out by dessert at Saldechin (a white chocolate and cheese empanada for me).

Looked like so many wonderful singers and shows at the Cabaret Festival this year. Almost tempted by a few, but I shall resist. Probably even resist Tripod since no one else is interested. <sigh>

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Important gigs for the upcoming next few months (for my reference because otherwise I'd forget).

9 JuneClare Bowditch
ACF Space ($40)
Definitely going to this one.
16 JuneDandelion Wine (& Leigh Stardust)
The Wheatie (free)
20-23 JuneTripod
ACF Banquet Room ($40)
I'd like to see them but don't know if I will manage it if no one else is interested.
30 JuneSpiral Dance Yule Feast
Port Adelaide ($45)
Sci-Fi theme. Still unsure about this one. Soon the decision will be out of my hands.
13 JulyBrillig
The Wheatie (Free?)
Brillig performing some of their new Cowboy Death songs. Also Elizabeth's birthday.
15 JulySpiral Dance CD Launch
The Wheatie ($15)
21 JulySophie Koh
The Wheatie ($?)
24 JulyThe Tea Party: The Reformation Tour
Thebarton Theatre ($85)
Since the only person I know who likes The Tea Party (who is in Adelaide) isn't currently talking to me I'm less enthused about attending this one, especially with the price tag. So I'll probably give it a miss.
10 AugustKate Miller-Heidke
The Gov ($48)
Definitely going to this one as lots of people I know will be there.
later 2012Yunyu
????? ($?)

Currently feeling like only going to stuff where friends are also going at the moment. Even if the friends are only the people playing on stage.

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Should have taken my own advice and booked sooner. Almost a case of no Kate for me. =8)
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Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions.

A useful site giving visual representations of the size of many SF vehicles.

Useful for me since my "fighter shuttle" size in my 4X game turns out to be a nice match for a Boeing 747 - just the size of the Orion Shuttle. Which means, yes, most SF starfighters are G-class units (the equivalent of a grav tank or atmospheric vehicle). [H-class is human by the way. The largest class of "ship" is the A-class Assault vessels (a Dreadnaught by any other name would still cure constipation in an enemy), although star bases and battlestations can go to Z-class and above. Unfortunately I don't quite make P-class = planet, although S-class may make a star...]

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A couple of nice music videos (with good music too).

Must grab their music at some point.



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Despite being in so much pain I was almost vomiting by the end of the night, I quite enjoyed the Sponsor's Concert by Damh the Bard. His presence down-under was effectively crowd-sourced, with the prize being this concert (and the special edition recording of it afterwards). I do like his work and do recommend seeing him live, even if you aren't a pagan.

Those wanting to catch him in Adelaide have one last chance tonight (at the PASA meeting at Marcellina's Pizza Bar [$5 entry]), and people in Melbourne (Thursday), Sydney (Friday), and Brisbane (Saturday) can catch him at the various gigs and balls he is playing with Spiral Dance. See the Spiral Dance gig page for details.

[And it appears that Reverence Pavane is actually a cute blonde veterinary nurse. Who knew?]

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Just as a reminder to peoples interstate who might be interested that there are three Spiral Dance and Damh the Bard gigs coming up very soon now. Well worth attending. They are:

  • Melbourne: Thursday 24th May 2012 at Bar 303 (303 High St., Northcote, VIC). Doors open 8pm. Tickets $25 / $20 concession.
  • Sydney: Friday May 25th 2012 at The Bald Faced Stag Hotel (345 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt, NSW). Doors open 8pm. Tickets $35 early bird / $40 at the door. Proudly hosted by PAN. See for booking information.
  • Brisbane: Saturday 26th May 2012. Appearing at PAN's Brisbane Witches Ball 2012 (The Uber Lounge, 100 Boundary St., West End, QLD). Doors open 8pm. Tickets - Early bird $50.00 or $60 at door - includes light nibbles. Tickets are limited so booking is advisable. See for booking information.

I find Spiral Dance to always be well worth seeing (and especially danceable), and Damh the Bard to be quite profound and soul-fulfilling and well worth hearing (and even better sung along with). Very harmonious.

[I believe the plan for the next time they will be singing together will be at the Royal Albert Hall. So why not get an advance preview now instead of having to fly all the way to the top of the world and risk falling off it!]

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Today was the English Ale. The standard torch-lit procession, although I suspect this was the last time I shall be a torchbearer in the Ale. Not only was I told to shut up when I pointed out a flaw in their master plan (and was actually later proven right, although it wasn't something disasterous just something that could have been better done), but someone who asked the same question just afterwards was answered. It went reasonably well anyway. They had a nice flaming sculpture to light the wickerman and everyone enjoyed a good bonfire before heading up to the concert.

The gig was excellent, starting with what I suppose was a good traditional Punch & Judy show (actually I can't stand P&J for some reason), followed by Musical Hall devotees Bygone Error who enthralled with enlightened entertainment ad exotic witticisms and songs. Excellent at what they do, as always.

There then followed a set by Spiral Dance to which I danced - there was even an extremely cute person to dance with, although her daughter was deathly scared of me [excellent judge of character]).

Then there was Damh the Bard (pronounced "Dave"), who does wonderfully moving Druidic and pagan songs, which mostly turned into a sing-a-long. Although there were a couple of dances.

It was lots of fun.

Kudos to all the people that contributed to making it worthwhile.

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I was sure I've filled you in on recent music acquisitions. But apparently not, unless LJ is losing posts, which really wouldn't surprise me. So it's probably going to be time for a big post soon. Probably after the 22nd.

Anyway for now, have a list of my recent acquisitions:

  • Artificial Heart by Jonathan Coulton (he of Portal closing credits fame).
  • The Mutiny by Sunday Driver.
  • Live At The El Ray by Collide
  • Things to Make and Do by Moloko (which admittedly was the one Moloko album I didn't already have for some reason).

Mostly it was finishing off the offering of many of the bands I liked, so there was no exploration. In the meantime I've received a few physical CDs, a few other downloads from Bandcamp and the like, the results of a couple of Kickstarters (Galanis, Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman). Plus all the stuff I picked up at the Fringe. Maybe I thought I'd listen to them first? Oh well. Not that anyone read these anyway. <wink>

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Just saw Iron Sky, which required a pilgrimage to the far north in order to see it. An excellent fan-film, and suitably silly/driven. Although sadly one member of our group didn't like it all, although another member nearly fell of his seat laughing at the tribute to Downfall. The subtext is very Finnish; the music suitably Wagnerian; the political commentary...

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I have just seen episode 8 of the third season of Young Dracula.


They (exactly who shall remain nameless) broke Ingrid. Badly. And Clare Thomas' very haunting portrayal at the end of the episode, of Ingrid's forced realisation that she was never even close to being in the running as the world's Absolute Evil was just perfect. We shall now see what changes this causes to her, but it's definitely a turning point in her existence.


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