Jun. 6th, 2012

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Important gigs for the upcoming next few months (for my reference because otherwise I'd forget).

9 JuneClare Bowditch
ACF Space ($40)
Definitely going to this one.
16 JuneDandelion Wine (& Leigh Stardust)
The Wheatie (free)
20-23 JuneTripod
ACF Banquet Room ($40)
I'd like to see them but don't know if I will manage it if no one else is interested.
30 JuneSpiral Dance Yule Feast
Port Adelaide ($45)
Sci-Fi theme. Still unsure about this one. Soon the decision will be out of my hands.
13 JulyBrillig
The Wheatie (Free?)
Brillig performing some of their new Cowboy Death songs. Also Elizabeth's birthday.
15 JulySpiral Dance CD Launch
The Wheatie ($15)
21 JulySophie Koh
The Wheatie ($?)
24 JulyThe Tea Party: The Reformation Tour
Thebarton Theatre ($85)
Since the only person I know who likes The Tea Party (who is in Adelaide) isn't currently talking to me I'm less enthused about attending this one, especially with the price tag. So I'll probably give it a miss.
10 AugustKate Miller-Heidke
The Gov ($48)
Definitely going to this one as lots of people I know will be there.
later 2012Yunyu
????? ($?)

Currently feeling like only going to stuff where friends are also going at the moment. Even if the friends are only the people playing on stage.


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