May. 20th, 2012

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Today was the English Ale. The standard torch-lit procession, although I suspect this was the last time I shall be a torchbearer in the Ale. Not only was I told to shut up when I pointed out a flaw in their master plan (and was actually later proven right, although it wasn't something disasterous just something that could have been better done), but someone who asked the same question just afterwards was answered. It went reasonably well anyway. They had a nice flaming sculpture to light the wickerman and everyone enjoyed a good bonfire before heading up to the concert.

The gig was excellent, starting with what I suppose was a good traditional Punch & Judy show (actually I can't stand P&J for some reason), followed by Musical Hall devotees Bygone Error who enthralled with enlightened entertainment ad exotic witticisms and songs. Excellent at what they do, as always.

There then followed a set by Spiral Dance to which I danced - there was even an extremely cute person to dance with, although her daughter was deathly scared of me [excellent judge of character]).

Then there was Damh the Bard (pronounced "Dave"), who does wonderfully moving Druidic and pagan songs, which mostly turned into a sing-a-long. Although there were a couple of dances.

It was lots of fun.

Kudos to all the people that contributed to making it worthwhile.


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