May. 5th, 2012

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Important gigs for the upcoming next few months (for my reference because otherwise I'd forget).

10 MayThe Graveyard Train
The Gov ($20)
Melbourne horror country drunken bearded stompy chain smashy madness band. (with Bearded Gypsy and The Bakers)
19 MayThe English Ale (& Spiral Dance & Damh the Bard)
Mylor Oval ($15)
[Found a way to get up there.]
22 MayDamh the Bard Sponsors Concert
The Wheatie (-)
9 JuneClare Bowditch
ACF Space ($40)
14 JuneLisa Mitchell
Flinders St Baptist Church (?)
The bvenue means I probably won't be going. Breaking down in screams of pain three-quarters through the performance is not the best way to appreciate music).
16 JuneDandelion Wine (& Leigh Stardust)
The Wheatie (free)
20-23 JuneTripod
ACF Banquet Room ($40)
30 JuneSpiral Dance Yule Feast
Port Adelaide ($45)
Sci-Fi theme. Would try my Space Pirate Harlock costume again except someone has run off with the cloak... Makes me less enthusued to appear. That and the distance and cost to create a new costume. I don't think my Starblazers costume would fit any more. And I'm not shaving my beard again to do a Buck Godot again. Besides I'd have to fins a new Winslow since it has also transmogrified. Hmmm. <sigh>
15 JulySpiral Dance CD Launch
The Wheatie ($15)
21 JulySophie Koh
The Wheatie ($?)
24 JulyThe Tea Party: The Reformation Tour
Thebarton Theatre ($85)
10 AugustKate Miller-Heidke
The Gov ($48)
later 2012Yunyu
????? ($?)

Have I missed anything? Apart from the Discordian Drone Group playing at the Squatter's Arms as I type this, who sole advertisement is a "HAIL ERIS! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!"


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