May. 2nd, 2012

tee hee

May. 2nd, 2012 12:26 pm
reverancepavane: (Valerie)

Loved the last episode of Young Dracula. Not only have the actors perfected their roles, the writing is still top notch. Although still over the top.

VLAD [Watches ball roll past him in corridor chased by Scottish Terrier]: What are you doing?

INGRID [in wheelchair at end of corridor]: Can't you see? Playing with my food, of course!

[Ingrid is admittedly my favourite character, and not just because she is played by Clare Thomas. But rather that, while trying to be a totally homicidal vampire queen (in vampire society it is not so much a glass ceiling that vampire women have to break through to even be noticed, but is rather more akin to a glass basement ceiling), but the occasional moments where there are still traces of Vlad's influence in caring for Breathers (and cute puppies). And, of course, the Count is always fun. Insane, but fun. Not to mention his estranged wife. It is much improved without the Branaughs and the Van Helsings, as you get to concentrate more on the vampire politics and family problems among the Draculas - which was always the best part of the first two seasons.]


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