Mar. 21st, 2012

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Via [ profile] sepiachord:

The Chronicles of Professor Elemental Crowdfunder

"Greetings All.

Thank you for stopping by, perhaps you'd like some freshly wet leaves and a slice of Battenburg whilst you're here? Excellent, the monkey will bring it round later.

Well isn't this jolly and, well to be darned honest about it, darned exciting!

We're making a Tea-V series (see what I did there) and it's all about me, Professor Elemental.

Imagine, if you can, a cross between Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Flight of The Conchords, Jay-Z and a badger in a hat. That would really be quite something, wouldn't it?

Well, you'll be overjoyed to know that with your help you won't have to spend endless seconds deliberating over what such a show would be like, you can actually make it happen!

But if you will allow me to be serious for a moment then I must express the following with my Sincerity Trousers on...

I have read many a script before and been offered many an opportunity to make funny videos and so forth but this one feels different. It's very funny, intelligently written and I genuinely believe it has some fantastic potential to turn into something incredible.

Our production team, fronted by Benjamin Field from Holomedia, houses a myriad of exceptional talent including the wonderfully gifted Director of Photography known as 'The Moog' who shot both Cup of Brown Joy & Fighting Trousers.

Unfortunately despite having put together this wonderful opportunity for me to create this series, due to lack of funds I am having to ask my dear fans to help support us to kick things off, however as a sign of the huge appreciation of your support I have prepared a plethora of exciting gifts to mark your donations! Please do have a look at the rewards section and if you do feel you can donate something towards this then know that you won't just receive the rewards offered but also a deep and heartfelt thank you.

In terms of the future for this project we have some wonderful people in Media Land who have shown interest in taking this on in the longer term, if we can prove by means of this web series that the show is funny and all can be excellent. So you see your money really can make a difference to this project, because without you it really cannot happen.

Thank you so so much for reading this.

Your loving Professor.

P.S If the monkey doesn't turn up with the tea and battenburg my apologies but he really is awful at Cyber Stalking."
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Quite amused that after a complaint from NBC the webseries formerly known as Inspector Spacetime is now officially known as Untitled Webseries About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.

Inspector Spacetime is the Dr Who parody from Community (which is a rather good show once you get past the first 18 or so episodes of series 1 - this was where the donuts given the writers were seriously laced with ergot).


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