Feb. 29th, 2012

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When is a CD launch not a CD launch?

When they haven't mixed the CD yet.

The Sammy J Songbook was supposed to be a launch of his new CD. So instead we were treated to a selection of his usual style of songs, together with some anecdotes. There were a few old favourites (including the always requested Backwards Song), together with a few new ones. As for most of his songs, the events they describe start out rather sensibly, but get more and more out of control and weird as the song goes on, until it bears absolutely no resemblance to any possible reality.

Which reminds me. Next Sammy J gig I really have to take some friends and sit in the front row, and when he starts the ninja song, have all of us pull out black t-shirts (to make fake ninja hoods) and plastic ninja-to and shuriken.

In a major break only half the songs were performed by him playing at his keyboard, the rest were sung to a backing tape so that Sammy could make the most of his ability to gyrate amusingly.

This was his only solo performance at the Fringe, and was, despite a huge crowd (a change from the original 4 people in 2007), very relaxed and rather laid back. It's actually a pity that it wasn't a show with a longer run, perhaps in a more intimate venue, because then you could come multiple days and probably expect a different line up of his songs. But with the effort of putting on his other major show, I expect that it would be too fraught.

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Excessive Fringing has caught up with me it seems, so I'm taking tonight and tomorrow off.* As a result I've rescinded the offer of free tickets, but since all of the replies were (understandably) in the negative, it is of little import. [It was easier to delete the entry this morning and explain later when I had time.].

So I'll see those people I am going to see at Aluka on Friday, head off to Jenny M Thomas on Sat, see almost everyone on Sun at Randy is Sober, enjoy the Twoks on Monday, possibly with others, and actually see everyone at Sound & Fury on Tuesday. Then I had better rest again while I work out how I am going to fit the other three shows I'm interested in around the remaining four. And that doesn't count interesting shows that friends might also be going seeing or which I hear good things about...

And since the best shows this Fringe have been the ones I've casually picked up (currently 6 & 7 on the most popular show ratings on Talk Fringe**) I'm looking forward to finding new blood.

[* At least it will give me time to suppress this craving for excessive human contact. And human blood. <grin>]

[** Although the fix is in with the local boys getting all their friends to vote for them for the #1 slot.]


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