Feb. 17th, 2012

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First show of the 2012 Adelaide Fringe was the incomparable Morgan and West, time-travelling magicians. With a tip of the hat to Gauss, a nod to Heisenberg, and a wink to Erwin's imaginary feline companion, these prestidigitators and illusionists use their knowledge gained from travelling the time stream to recreate some of the most infamous magical tricks of not only the last century, but the century before that. Thrill to the exploits as they recreate the awesome and deadly bullet catch in a way never seen before. Watch as they recreate one of the greatest escapes from all time, as they escape from ... a set of squeaky balloon handcuffs! Watch as they swear off ever working with an assistant from the audience with a pretty pink plastic purse, no matter how cute she might be, until she reaches the ripe old age of at least 10. Thrill to a denouement that comes straight from the pages of Jack Rowling's classics of literature.* Thrill as they discover the one member of the audience who has no idea who this Potter person is anyway. Thrill to their ability to read the deepest fears and hopes of the audience members. Fortunately they didn't choose me, otherwise they would have discovered my acute chronomagosaphobia.

Seriously these are some very good sleight of hand illusionists with excellent banter and stage presence, although somewhat given to equivocation. For those off you uncomfortable with being chosen as part of the show (and you know who I am talking to), I suggest that you don't sit at the front or on the aisles.

[* The Latin for wand is virgae, btw. There is no distinction between staff and wand. And yes, it has other meanings amongst the plebians. Why do you think it's called Vulgar Latin.]


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