Feb. 11th, 2012

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St Spyridon's annual Greek street party is a bit anaemic this year. There were honestly more organisers than punters. Of course the consistent feedback squeals didn't help. Maybe I should have told the sound guys that one of the instruments has a broken lead/connector. Still, the dessert stall manages to make my inner diabetic twinge, although my favourite Greek dessert (it's a moulded wheat pudding whose name I can never remember) wasn't in attendance – last year I bought two entire cakes (that's about 24 pieces) of it and ate it far too rapidly.

Anyway if you are anywhere near Oxford Street in Unley (that's the street that the Unley library is on) and interesting in some yummy food, a bouncy castle complete with dragons, water balls, and the like, drop by. Please. Before I go back and buy the rest of the cake stall. Oh, the street is closed off so you'd best park around the back by Sturt oval.

Then again, it does end at midnight tonight, so I imagine a lot of people aren't there yet. I hope.

[ETA: Greek Orthodox obviously sparkle in the sunlight and therefore only come out at night – where admittedly, the women still continue to sparkle. Ran into some friends and chatted, joined a circle dance and was probably the oldest one in it since it was an unmarried men's dance (I qualify, just), compared beard lengths with The Reverend Kyriakos Psalios (he still wins because his is far neater), and probably made my endocrinologist very unhappy.]
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Why do I feel that I've been attending a convention of the Many Angled Ones all day. This empathy thing is getting out of hand. Maybe it's just because I know there are some yummy Greek desserts just down the road. I'm off. I hope they fixed the sound system.

I hope all the various peoples are now feeling somewhat better. I really don't have time for a Hellride at the moment, especially since I have to finish cleaning up my flat. It would be great if gravity forced stuff to fall to waist height instead of the floor.

Must remember that the Garden opens this Thursday/Friday and my first show is Saturday, then Tuesday and then I'll have to find something to see in the intervening week. Maybe some Fringing will make me feel better, although it's just as likely to make me feel worse.


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