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Dear Mr Freer,

I wish to report that your book, The Dragon's Ring is apparently very popular in adjacent parallel dimensions. The inhabitants seem to be of the habit of borrowing copies from our own dimension by slipping the books sideways into their own dimensions.* This may explain the absence of copies from the shelves of bookstores.

Anyway, on to ordering copy #3 so I can find out what happens. [And no, I shall refrain from ordering an electronic version because I have no wish for my computer to travel sideways as well.]

Yours Faithfully,

Reverance Pavane.

[edited to add]


Dear Alternate Dimensional Fisherbeings of Literature,

Thankyou for replacing my copy of Dragon's Ring in a location where I could find it again, cleverly making it seem that I was simply overtired and had left it in a different location after my doctor's appointment** today.

Your plan failed though.

I am reasonably sure that the story does not begin with...

˙˙˙ʇsnp ƃuılɹıʍs
oʇuı ƃuıɹǝʇʇɐɥs ʎɹuosɐɯ ǝʇıuɐɹƃ ʇsɐʌ ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ `llǝɟ
ɹǝʍoʇ ǝɥʇ sɐ pǝsɐǝlǝɹsǝıƃɹǝuǝ ʞɹɐp ɟo sǝxǝʇɹoʌ puɐ
sƃuıuʇɥƃıl ʇǝǝɥs ǝɥʇ ǝʌoqɐ ˙pıoʌ ǝɥʇ oʇuı ƃuılɹıʍs
uɐǝɔo ɟo ɯoɹʇslǝɐɯ snonʇlnɯnʇ ǝɥʇ ǝʌoqɐ ˙sʇuǝɯǝlǝ ǝɥʇ ɟo
ǝƃɐɹ ǝɥʇ ǝʌoqɐ ʍǝlɟ uoƃɐɹp ǝɥʇ


I shall be expecting you to correct this matter at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully,

Reverance Pavane

* Considering Hite's Law, the inhabitants of this parallel universe can be identified by the Zepplins in the sky. Considering that the TV Tropes Law states that the Nazi inhabitants of a parallel dimension have invariably won World War 2, this is quite believable.

** No more gold for me (just medicine that costs more than it's weight and volume in gold). Hopefully that means I get to keep my kidneys for a little while longer.

*** We also demand the return of all the capitals, although, on consideration, if you feel like improving relations with our world you can keep Canberra, Washington, Luxembourg, and Brussels. I demand the return of Nuku'alofa, as it has been very useful in very many quiz nights and the quiz night writing industry would be blighted without it.

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The second half of the first round of the Suvudu fantasy hero cage match is now open for voting. Harry is now almost even with Conan, so there was obviously a late surge from the depths of the Dresden Files fan base. And Edward is of course no match for Ged.

Surprisingly people seem to think Dumbledore can take Vlad. I think that's axiomatically wrong. Dumbledore is an extremely subtle wizard. Vlad is the one who came up with the saying that "no matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will serious cramp his style." Not to mention being the wielder of one of the 17 Great Weapons. The one commonly called Godslayer (or more properly something like "mutable device for the elimination of problematic divine beings" in Serioli), which was forged from an item called Spellbreaker. Makes me think no one has read any of the books, at least compared to the books that other character came from. <grin>

Although it looks like it may be Jaime rather than Hermione that gets served as Cthulhu munchies next round. Which is surprising, since it has been proven that J K Rowling can write the combat faster than G R R Martin, and to the author go the victuals.

Although one was amused by Michael Moorcock insisting that Elric would just flip a coin to see who won and then both of them would head down to the pub for a beer.

i'm blind

Jul. 27th, 2008 06:45 am
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I have to admit that I was vastly amused by the open letter that NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) sent to all participants in the Google Lunar X-prize, that advised that any spacecraft containing a system "capable of actively or passively sensing the Earth’s surface, including bodies of water, from space by making use of the properties of the electromagnetic waves emitted, reflected, or diffracted by the sensed objects" and which is based in the US (or uses substantial US facilities), must acquire a licence from that organization.

Since the definition of system under law does not exclude the human components of said spacecraft, I feel that this is a positive step forward in anti-discrimination, as it will require all crew to be licenced, blind, blindfolded, or able to swear that they didn't look out the window at all.

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I love it when I'm in the mood to write and the ideas flow and connect. Admittedly it usually strikes me at night and I never have enough time to get it all down perfectly, but at least it is usually a solution to the problem I'm considering that will work. However I think I shall stop after finding myself having made this aside (after quite a few pages) in the player campaign notes:

Actually, the only known instance of a disciple spending less than 100% of their experience in cult abilities was a Thorstein Grimmbear, a Death Sword (disciple) of Grim Huma, the Orlanthi Sword God (amongst other things), who took up needlepoint after arguing (with his god) that a rapier wasn't a real sword. In answer, Huma granted the embroidery needle the shine that is normally reserved for Humakti swords, thus making that needle a rather ferocious and effective weapon against the undead (in the hands of his disciple at least).

Maybe it's just an early morning sense of humour. Or merely the effect of the painkillers. And yes, names have been changed. My house Runequest campaign started diverging from the canonical one very very early on (before Cults of Prax, in fact). Eventually, to avoid confusion for some newbies, I made certain changes to reinforce the fact that it wasn't a canonical campaign. With Heroquest and Mongoose's Runequest the changes are even more pronounced. But I love the feel that a lived-in world has, even if it makes it non-canonical.

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So far the winner in my ward (and neighbouring wards) of my electorate is...

Parkside Primary School ... who always put on a quality sausage sizzle. Although in this case their egg and bacon sandwich just hit the spot. It's the quality of the ingredients, you see. Other stalls may settle for cheaper ingredients to raise the profit margin. They just raise their prices. Even the napkins were lovely, thick, and absorbent. [1]

Most of the other booths were rather disappointing, showing either no fund-raising efforts, or having a much smaller selection. The traditional Unley Senior Citizens Cake Stall was missing from their election booth, which was a disappointment, as they generally made a mean chocolate crackle. Oh well, I suppose I shall have to wait for the next Unley library sale (where the little old ladies from Friends of the Library insist that I take a few free chocolate crackles away with the couple of hundred dollars of bopoks I usually buy).

A quick visit outside my electorate netted me some christmas shortbread at a scout hall polling booth (the scones looking slightly wilted by the heat), which are rather nice, but I didn't have any hot food since they were offering foreign electroral food (actual yiros and sausages in a bun).

[1] And that may indicate in what direction my electorate is probably swinging back to judging from the enthusiasm of one set of spruikers and the comments overheard in the line. Scare tactics really do work on most people, sadly.


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