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One of the problems I currently have is an inability to concentrate for a long period of time. This is making it rather difficult to read books (among other things). I find this rather irritating, since it takes me a lot longer to finish a book than it used to.

So I just picked up copies of Simon R Green's Hell To Pay, Alan Dean Foster's Trouble Magnet, and Naomi Novik's Empire of Ivory.

In addition I really should finish off the book that was lent to me almost two months ago, especially since I shall probably she the lender who forced in on me tomorrow. Not that Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart is a bad book (actually the customs and nature of the various pseudo-historical peoples are very well researched, which is proof that the best artists steal), but the characters are rather archetypical and the situation is rather typical. Even worse, there is more than a touch of author wish fulfillment identification with the main protagonist.

I'd say this is a difficult choice to make as to what to read next, except ... Simon R Green! [1]

[1] I hope that my favourite characters will make an appearance: Bruin Bear and the Sea Goat. I especially loved it when they even managed to make an appearance in the Deathstalker series – a transition that you really wouldn't have suspected.

Edit: <tee hee> Yes they did appear, and, as normal, the Sea Goat was his usually impecable self at a High Society party.

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It was a low key but fun CD launch for Spiral Dance's latest CD Worts 'n' All. This is a live album from a set of gigs held last year whilst Dandelion Wine was in town (it does not, however, feature their music).

This is the first CD where you get to hear the new sound of the band, with Ingy on violin replacing Kerryn on flute. I suppose I've heard the new line up enough times that it no longer sounds strange, but I really must compare the Pan on this album with the original (probably the most definitive flute piece shared by both, although Man from the Stars comes close). Other tracks that are really new are a set of three french tunes for squeezebox and violin (Derriere les Carreaux, Moninette, and The Man in the Brown Hat) and Adrienne's latest song Blackwater Deep (about why you should look gift horses in the mouth). There is also a multimedia component for PC that I haven't looked at yet.

The gig was fun and ended with Burning Times. Sometimes I think I exert too much of an influence when we dance this locally. I do this mainly to ensure that the outer circle doesn't crash into surrounding stuff, but it also is to prevent someone attempting to hijack the energies of the dance and turn it to their own use (adding a touch of Chaos to the mix really makes doing so quite problematical). This time I added a staccato power-beat to the Goddess chant that had people literally vibrating to each down beat, since we seem to be increasingly raising the level of the chant earlier and earlier (and before the appropriate point is reached in the musical accompaniment). This irritated Adrienne immensely once, although this time she was bewitched herself at the effect the power beat had on the crowd and wanted to come down off the stage and join in. But everyone went away happy, well, except possibly for one person – who objects to the fact that the inner circle dances to the left (which she cannot do and thus cannot be a part of the inner circle – which is the place to be according to the cognesceti).

On a personal level... )

* St John's Wort, or goatweed, is often used as a cure for depression or anxiety. The new Spiral Dance CD probably works just as well, but also probably shouldn't be orally administered.

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As an indication of how far gone I am at the moment, I heard an excellent song playing on my stereo (which was set to random). Moving, complicated, and emotive, it satisfied both my catagouries for a favourite song, in that it was both musically and thematically involved.

"Oh!" I thought, "I really must make an LJ entry to say exactly how excellent a song it really is. I know lots of other people who will absolutely love this."

It was Father of Storms by The Merlin Bird.

My reccomendations still hold, but I now find myself embarrassed by not realizing the identity of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite groups.

Sorry [ profile] shadow_5tails.

I'll be forgetting the words to Burning Times next!

Although truth to tell I already have once or twice, but so has Adrienne, so that's ok.

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Due to various social reasons one was feeling rather poorly late today (one must really stop reading the body language of friends, but I was near full-analyst mode at the time so it was impossible for me not to interpret body language and vocalizations), but now two things have cheered me up immensely and dispersed the incipient black mood resulting from this.

[Thing The First] A very nice black wedding dress done fully in the traditional style, in the window of the new bridal boutique on the way home. While I suspect it's probably just supposed to be an eye-catching challenge to the traditional white/ivory/cream, I also know several brides-to-be that will probably descend on the store when I tell them (not having the spare cash for a full custom gown). I've only ever seen a red scarlet wedding dress in a traditional style before (that wasn't either a custom job or a costume).

Although I do like thematic weddings where the guests are required to come in costume as well. So far I've been to a Star Wars, Edwardian Regency, Gothic, High Magic/Society (I even got to be the celebrant at that one), Tolkeinesque/Faerie Fantasy (it was so tempting to go as a Uruk-Hai), Mississipi Riverboat, Military, Pagan, Shinto, Hindu (OK, so these last two (three?) technically weren't costumed events but traditional dress was required), and the inevitable Medieval-themed (especially if you have friends in the SCA). Actually, looking back on it, that's quite a few themed events. I sooooooo miss having access to a tailor willing to do costuming.

I've gotten to hold every traditional position in the traditional western marriage ceremony except for Flower Girl, Bride and (sadly) Groom. And no, I'm not getting married in the near future. It's just there has been a surprising number of engagement announcements over the last few months and lots of friends planning events. It's difficult not to get in the proper wedding spirit (which for me seems to be teasing the bride-to-be until she hits me with something heavy).

Remember brides-to-be, Bunnings often has ladders on sale!

[Thing The Second] <tee hee> A friend seems to be suffering from a recent attack of satori. Which is an extremely good thing to happen and fun to watch (even remotely via LJ). <grin> Although when Eris is involved it actually tends to be more of an "Oh Sh*t" experience too – She does love to mug innocent (or in this case, not-so-innocent) passer-by and have Her way with them. <grin>

I think half the fun of watching satori strike is that it is striking someone else – when it strikes you, you are generally too involved to fully savour it, and when it passes, you are no longer quite you any more.

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Spent a wonderful night torturing myself again last night over impossible things that shall never (and can never) be. All this was done whilst listening to a rather interesting talk about frogs given by one of Mike's [Prof Tyler] former apprentices. I'm not sure whether the Universe is encouraging me to go or to stay. I don't really think it knows, either; arguments could be made for either side.

On a more sedate note, here is a picture of Witchpetal and friend for your amusement, from the last English Ale:

Witchpetal and friend )

Oh well, less than 600 hours to my next torture session. Hope I can last that long...

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So the locum asks, "how much pain are you currently in?"

"Pain is such a primitive concept," I reply cavalierly. "I prefer to think of it as my neurons battling evil in another dimension."

She looks at me strangely, almost quizzically.

"Oh dear," I think. "Now I'll either be sectioned, or worse still, have to attempt to explain my obscure sense of humour."

But then she smiles and says "I loved that movie when I was younger."

"An educated doctor," I disclaim. "Will wonders never cease!"

"Just for that, I'm using a bigger needle..."

Maybe I should have stopped before we reached the Frontier.


Dec. 4th, 2005 06:59 am
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Pain )


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