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Today was off to see the Grace to see the last of Brillig's Til Death Do Us Part shows. After all the price was right, the Grace was packed, and I wanted to hear their covers of The Needle and the Damage Done [Neil Young], Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) [Nancy Sinatra], Who By Fire [Leonard Cohen], I Hung My Head [Sting/Johnny Cash], and others I've forgotten, just in case they don't get a regular rotation in the group's playlist ever again.

Whilst The Needle and the Damage Done was as good as last time, I have to admit that Elizabeth's rendition of Bang Bang blew me totally away. Then again it is a favourite song. But really I think I've seriously overdosed on incredibly beautiful beautifully-voiced female singers this Fringe. Oh woe is me...

["Help," he cries in a whisper that no one can here. "Help!"]

Anyway it was great gig and I seriously want to dance to some of their songs sometime. Which means, (a) having them play somewhere where it is physically possible to swing a cat, and (b) find someone willing to swing this cat on the dance floor, since it would take us initiating the idea to make people think of joining in. ["You're all a bunch of wallflowers, Adelaide!"] Unfortunately the beat favours Pavanes* more than most modern styles of dance, although possibly Irish Folk might work. I need to do some refresher work on dance, methinks.

* Not that I'm complaining about having to do one of my favourite forms of dance, but it's dreadfully difficult to find partners for this any more, probably because people prefer dances that didn't go out of style in the 17th Century. Particularly since I'm persona non grata with the only people likely to do that sort of thing on a regular basis. <sigh>

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After running around most of the afternoon I decided I could do without the Fringe tonight. After all, Ollie will still be on next week according to the guide, and the temperature outside was hot enough to melt steel. Seriously, I think holding a popular Arts festival on Venus was a mistake. But would anyone listen to me?

Did some work converting Spirit of the Century into the The Totally Unauthorised and Unofficial Girl Genius RPG, which is almost trivially easy when you think about it. Don't know when I'll get to run it at the moment, though. Also had another attempt at answering the latest Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies beta-playtest question, but my answers appear to be either too abstract or too complicated for my satisfaction. Must remember to mention that skyship keels are really vulnerable, too, but that's just the physicist in me noticing critical system vulnerabilities and the strategist in me going "hit them there."

At the moment I'm killing time while downloading some games PDF from the big PDF games sale. Nothing exciting really. Basically raw materials for the disassemblers. The interesting stuff I got a couple of days ago(Weapon of the Gods Companion, Unlikely Flowerings, Neverwhere, Questers of the Middle Realms, and Runequest Gamemaster's Book (yes, I know I had decided to stop collecting the Mongoose travesty but it was cheap and there may be something interesting to use in there). Neverwhere does look interesting though, especially in conjunction with, Underworld. Very flavoursome.

I do need something interesting to read though. Glen Cook's Lord of the Silent Kingdom (the second book of The Instrumentalities of the Night) is difficult to get into at the moment. Not sure if it's the epic political fantasy nature of the fact that he is culling from history (and only changing the names a little bit) which is putting me off. I think I need something light and fluffy (although I did relax yesterday by reading the entire Matador trilogy by Steve Perry, which definitely isn't, but I like the universe he created, and Khadiji's chosen method of taking it down). Must remember to excavate a path to my library again (Venus, remember, or maybe it's just my flat).

Fringe: Don't think I'll hit the Bollywood Dance Club this Saturday, although I may do it next week if I'm bored enough. Although it would be probably more fun to go with other people. Which means my next Fringe thing is seeing Scod on Sunday, then probably A Record or an OBE and Cyranose on Tuesday, Tripod on Wednesday, and that's me out of the Fringe for this year, and I can return you to my normal silence.

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I've been asked to point out that my new theme song (When You're Evil) can also be heard in it's entirity as Voltaire's My Space page. As well as The Vampire Club, Zombie Prostitute, Reggae Mortis, and Stuck With You. Apparently he is also responsible for the Star Trek filk album Banned on Vulcan.

Meanwhile the Spiral Dance gig at the Brecknock went quite well, although with the open fire and maniac dancing it was quite warm. It was good to catch up with a lot of old and a few new friends. Again I got to dance with lots of nice young ladies, although I am beginning to believe that my catch and release program, whilst less harmful to the general ecology, may have serious deficiencies in certain other important respects of the dating game. <grin>

Not that it really matters. As Steven Moffat put it: "Because life is long and you are still hot!"

The Universe wins yet again.

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Another Spiral Dance gig done and gone, this one to celebrate midwinter. Apart from the fact that the venue thinking that they could run a disco in the (unsoundproofed) room next door at the same time as a (paying) live band was playing, it went well. I don't think we'll be using that venue again for a Spiral gig. Then again, the PA coordinator was rather downcast to learn that the horrid caterwhauling that attended the last PA Forum (which uses the same venue) was going to be a regular event as the pub hosts regular open mike nights at the same time/day as PA meetings. Which probably means they have successfully scared off most of the customers on those nights with their "innovations." Some people don't have the sense of a horseradish.

Oh well. There was a lot of fun dancing with a lot of fun people, although for the first time I wasn't able to last for both sets, and I'll regret it when I finally remove those pain blocks. [I shall be ABEND for a while, methinks, pretending (successfully) to be a jellyfish, or at least wishing I could be.] Still I got to dance with lots of beautiful women, which is nothing to sneeze at. One of these days their "other halves" are going to realise that it's not unmanly to dance and appreciate the fun that they are missing out on, and reclaim all my dancing partners. Naah! Never happen. <grin>

Thinking on it, comparing people to horseradishes might be overflattering to people.

I think I shall miss dancing most of all.

I do know that there some dancers I miss very much already.


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