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DeAnne Smith: Livin' the Sweet Life.

This was a preview show, which means that Deanne was essentially still trying to sort out some of the more subtle differences between Australian and Canadian humour. ["Eh."] But despite that it was thoroughly enjoyable, and I say that as someone who is really not the greatest fan of stand up comics. It was a relaxed show, with plenty of laughter and sympathetic winces (when the audience could see the inevitable tragedy that lay just ahead in Deanne’s stories), and I think everyone, Deanne included, left feeling a lot better about life. Which really is sweet when you think about it.

Smart, charming, witty, and fun. I particularly enjoyed her very geeky closing song. ["Yes. She sings too. Did I forget to mention it?"]


I really am not a great fan of stand up, but this wasn't all that bad. We sat in the front row, and naturally my awesome beard powers came to the fore deflecting comedic thrusts towards my companion of the evening ["My beard is like a shield of steel wool," said in a deep resounding Batfink voice*], although it also apparently meant that I must enjoy porn more than I actually do (am I really all that weird for liking women clothed – I mean, they are a lot of fun to unwrap, especially if you are doing it properly).***

Anyway... I wish to take a moment to thank some of my female friends for having described to me the procedure involved in doing a full wax (and you know who you are), so I could cringe in advance together with about a quarter to a third of the rest of the audience. [Although she didn't deal with the full procedure, so there were less contortions involved.]

Then onto more problems, such as being able to pick up women when you are a young single lesbian (trust me, they don't have any more clue than we heteronormal men do). However she does strongly suggest that knife-throwing whilst under the influence may not be the best way to start unless you want to visit the emergency room instead of the bedroom.

As I mentioned, it was a preview show, so there was a fair bit of probing going on to see what would be a good fit for Australian audience. Applause about a joke combining quantum physics and penis size did elect such a positive response that she finished a really excellent geeky love song (which I immediately forgot because The Twoks music that is still resident in my skull took it outside, beat it, and then shot it). But it was fun. I do hope the fact that the front row was nearly 50% scientist didn't alter her experiment significantly. Although judging from the applause and the anticipation for the song there must have been even more geeks behind us.

Surprising fun, and I'm glad I saw it. Eh. <grin>

[* Of course, my immediate thought on making that statement in relation to this show is then saying "That probably means oral sex is out of the question." (NB: question not directed at anyone in particular, and definitely not to anyone who reads this journal at the moment)**]

[** Although I reserve the right to have some future peruser of this magnus opium [sic] run screaming out of my life if she ever reads this.]

[*** Besides. Where would the legs go? (in joke)]


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