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Aluka again this afternoon. Word is getting around about these beautiful young Victorians who can sing as the basement was rather full. next year bigger and better things. Wasn't as good as the Friday show because they had the sorriest excuse for a PA system in existence. They are much better unplugged, as the few numbers they performed without the PA showed.

Followed it up with High Tea with some of SA's Fandom luminaries and my former bookpusher. Then almost made it to the Cranker for a gig by Naomi Keytes (as recommended by Aluka). Actually was about to secure my bike and go in when I realised the State Bank Free Concert would be on and I might find some interesting new groups. Besides Naomi didn't seem that enthused to have old people at her gig when we chatted after the previous Aluka show (she parked her bike next to ours*).

Anyway heard Ghostboy and the Golden Virtues, Spontaneous Broadway, and The Jane Austen Argument. Tempted to go for the free Ghostboy tickets (the Golden Virtues were rather cute), but didn't know how I'd feel by then (I was up late finishing an excellent book that had been on my "must mean to read that pile" for months now). The tickets were later given to other friends by the winner. Hope they enjoyed the show - the lack of good vocals after an Aluka gig probably would have been a killer for me. TJAA enhanced my desire to see them. Will have to be a Thursday or Friday though as I was in intense pain by the end of Randy and shall need Wednesday as a break. Given my opthamology appointment is on Thursday it will probably need to be Friday if anyone is interested. [If Tristrom was on Thursday I'd see him (or rather, given the drops they will put in my eyes, not see him very well at all). Sorry. Seriously running out of time, so i might not get the opportunity to heckle you.]

Cycling home was painful, which is a good sign I'm overdoing stuff.

Tomorrow, Twoks. Tuesday, Sound & Fury. [Friday, The Jane Austen Argument presents Somewhere Under The Rainbow.] Saturday, The Idea of North. Tuesday, Shakespeare's Queens. Thursday, Kate M-H. Sunday, Brillig and Elise (who stage name I can't remember offhand) at the Whitemore Square Arts Fair. Still need to add Who Me and Axis of Awesome and any other interesting groups (but it seems the really interesting show have very short seasons).

And I'm babbling to avoid pain.

[* And yes, I need glasses. "She's definitely a girl."]


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