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If all you leave me is bone
I will sing bone

If all you leave me is dust
I will sing dust
If everything I have loved is taken away
I will still play
I will still play

I won't change the course of the rivers
Or sing up the stones
You won't still be humming my tune
By the time you get home
I know we all go back to dirt
At the end of the day
But I will still play
I will still play
You can do what you want anyway

It's cold in the land of the dead
The rivers are slow
They're shuffling off to their end
And they don't even know
Up there they've also forgotten
It's all going grey
But I will still play
I will still play

Laugh at me, that's nothing new
It was always that way
Change all the rules to the game
From what they were in my day
But I will still play
I will still play
I will still play

– I Will Still Play

This is the very tragic lament sung by Gatesy the Bard from Tripod's stage show of Tripod vs the Dragon. A find it particularly evocative, particularly with Yon's haunting trumpet solo. Whilst the soundtrack is available, I do hope that they also produce a DVD of this show so that you can also listen to this in the context of the show/story/game. It still brings a tear to my eye.

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This evening was spent in the pleasant company of [ profile] alexwinolj and his better half (or "Sir" as I may now be want to call her [1]), attending Tripod's performance of their Christmas show Smaller Than Jesus.

And I wax enthusiastically about a very good show... )

So overall, go see it. You have a chance of seeing them tonight in Adelaide. If you are so disadvantaged as to live elsewhere you might have to be consult their web page to see when they playing next. They are always worth seeing.

And they'll be back for the Fringe (Fringe program will be available 9th January).

And cryptically for [ profile] alexwinolj and Sir: Lionel Richie. [2]

[1] Scod blamed the frontlights whilst Yon blamed the long-haired gits on either side. Gatesy remained silent on the matter.

[2] I must pay closer attention to the local press; I've discovered that I just missed The Chemical Brothers. Then again, I really hate the Entertainment Centre as a music venue.

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For those people who are interested they have finally released the theatrical release version of Night Watch, with the integrated subtitles, in Australia. For those who don't know, the subtitles on the theatrical release were very much a part of the film itself. The previous Australian release had a choice of either English dubbed, or Russian with captions for the hearing impaired. It's on the second disk of the Night Watch: Definitive Edition twin DVD pack.

Also, Tripod are putting on their Christms Show Smaller Than Jesus on the Gov on Wed 12th and Thu 13th of December at 7:30pm ($35, Venuetix). It shouldn't go that late for anyone overlly concerned about a work night. Anyone else interested in going? If so, which day suits you better?

And most RPGers should have fond memories of the new branding on the Tripod website. It's rather fun. I think I actually played that one, once.

Addenda: And did anyone else who watched the interview of Brendon Nelson on the 7:30 report think that the Senate is going to be rather obstructionalist until July.


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