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There is perfect a capella and then there is beyond perfect a capella. Just back from over an hour of perfect jazz a capella from The Idea of North (albeit an Idea with Joy rather than Naomi, who is still on maternity leave). Although Naomi did appear on stage for a couple of numbers, although, minus her new "young apprentice").

Joy Hague was a great deputy alto, and should be thanked for bringing Sara Barielles' Gravity into the repertoire (and she still maintains the correct karmic balance of ex-Adelaideans in the group). The rest of the guys (Nick, Andrew, and Sally) were great, as always. I mean, this is their profession. This is what they do, all around the world.

The Australian government even gives them away to other countries as birthday presents!

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Hmmmmm. The Idea of North did a nice arrangement of Sting's Straight To My Heart tonight in Trish's farewell gig. Apparently it's a old song they've just reintroduced back into the repertoire. I must have heard it before but had forgotten. Of course, they immediately followed it with The Unfortunate Tale of a Country Chicken. And oh dear – the ducks are now Scottish. <grin> Oh dear. It's Nay's tribute to Emma Thompson in Love Actually, Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now. Time to go and get soppily romantic.

Edit: Oh nooeesss. They are doing Stairway to Heaven (in a style uniquely TIoN)... <runs screaming from the room>

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For anyone that is interested, they are streaming Trish Delany-Brown's last concert with The Idea of North live tomorrow on at 5pm (ACST) [check the webpage for other timezones]. They are arguably one of the best acapella groups around, although I think that seeing them live is really the way to go (their humour and stage presence is what elevates a show from being technically perfect to being exceptional).

After this she will be completely replaced by her fill-in during maternity leave, Sally Cameron (which means SA now has two members in TIoN...), and go off to look after James William Brown and possibly pursue a solo career.


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