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Really hating this plague. It's rendered me incapable of seeing Tai Chi 0 today. And from tomorrow the film is only on at a session time impossible for me to get to. Just my luck I'll get healthy enough just in time to see the sequel.

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The problem with taking wonderdrug is that it shorts out the immune system. So a set of normal sniffles has developed into full-blown flu today. I was shaking so bad this morning that I couldn't type properly.

Since I'm barely able to sit up I doubt I will be Spiralling this evening. Disappointed with the Melbourne group that snatched Spiral for their normal Yule date last week and then made such a mess of everything that Spiral had to pull out of the show because it was a disaster and stuff that should have been done wasn't. I could have gone last week. <sigh>

Hope everyone is having fun. First Spiral Yule I've ever missed but there is no way I could get to the other side of the city.

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Saw the most excellent Cabin in the Woods today at the cinema with a bunch of extremely lovely people from the Adelaide Discworld Convivium (get your tickets before Friday and the price rise). Most of whom spent much of the movie huddled underneath their coats with just their eyes showing. <evil grin>

I liked it a lot, and Joss didn't disappoint. It has all the Joss hallmarks. Definitely something to see on the big screen, from the night shots, if nothing else.

Commiserated by myself afterwards at the Sugarbowl with a rather sour Mango Black Sticky Rice. Not upt to their usual standard. Bad of me, I know. Was tempted to go riding down the Torrens since the Parklands were nicely foggy, but didn't, as I have the doctor early tomorrow. Then discovered I'm out of caffeine and am currently resisting the urge to head back out to get some.

Maybe. Mostly. Who am I kidding? <sigh>

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Today was the English Ale. The standard torch-lit procession, although I suspect this was the last time I shall be a torchbearer in the Ale. Not only was I told to shut up when I pointed out a flaw in their master plan (and was actually later proven right, although it wasn't something disasterous just something that could have been better done), but someone who asked the same question just afterwards was answered. It went reasonably well anyway. They had a nice flaming sculpture to light the wickerman and everyone enjoyed a good bonfire before heading up to the concert.

The gig was excellent, starting with what I suppose was a good traditional Punch & Judy show (actually I can't stand P&J for some reason), followed by Musical Hall devotees Bygone Error who enthralled with enlightened entertainment ad exotic witticisms and songs. Excellent at what they do, as always.

There then followed a set by Spiral Dance to which I danced - there was even an extremely cute person to dance with, although her daughter was deathly scared of me [excellent judge of character]).

Then there was Damh the Bard (pronounced "Dave"), who does wonderfully moving Druidic and pagan songs, which mostly turned into a sing-a-long. Although there were a couple of dances.

It was lots of fun.

Kudos to all the people that contributed to making it worthwhile.

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Excessive Fringing has caught up with me it seems, so I'm taking tonight and tomorrow off.* As a result I've rescinded the offer of free tickets, but since all of the replies were (understandably) in the negative, it is of little import. [It was easier to delete the entry this morning and explain later when I had time.].

So I'll see those people I am going to see at Aluka on Friday, head off to Jenny M Thomas on Sat, see almost everyone on Sun at Randy is Sober, enjoy the Twoks on Monday, possibly with others, and actually see everyone at Sound & Fury on Tuesday. Then I had better rest again while I work out how I am going to fit the other three shows I'm interested in around the remaining four. And that doesn't count interesting shows that friends might also be going seeing or which I hear good things about...

And since the best shows this Fringe have been the ones I've casually picked up (currently 6 & 7 on the most popular show ratings on Talk Fringe**) I'm looking forward to finding new blood.

[* At least it will give me time to suppress this craving for excessive human contact. And human blood. <grin>]

[** Although the fix is in with the local boys getting all their friends to vote for them for the #1 slot.]

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Why do I feel that I've been attending a convention of the Many Angled Ones all day. This empathy thing is getting out of hand. Maybe it's just because I know there are some yummy Greek desserts just down the road. I'm off. I hope they fixed the sound system.

I hope all the various peoples are now feeling somewhat better. I really don't have time for a Hellride at the moment, especially since I have to finish cleaning up my flat. It would be great if gravity forced stuff to fall to waist height instead of the floor.

Must remember that the Garden opens this Thursday/Friday and my first show is Saturday, then Tuesday and then I'll have to find something to see in the intervening week. Maybe some Fringing will make me feel better, although it's just as likely to make me feel worse.
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Feeling particularly blaaah, to borrow the considerable mystique of the medical profession. Partly disease flare, partly lack of people after an overdose of them last weekend.

It might be a good idea to keep me away from any Class 5 Bioweapons and Strategic Thermonuclear Weaponry you might happen to have laying around. ["Here's one I prepared earlier...".]

Just sayin', y'all.

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Brain went vague playing Thebes tonight. Kept mixing up the colours at the end of the game session. Worrisome, especially since I wasn't hypo. Must remember not to try to do stuff where I am required to use my brain two times in a row.

Thebes was an interesting game. You are turn of the last century archaeologists from Warsaw digging up the treasures of Crete, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, and Mesopotamia. To do so you have to do research in the libraries of Europe. The more research you do, the more treasure chits you can take out of the appropriate bag. Of course, many of these treasure chits are just dirt - and they go back in the bag. Actions are measured in weeks to obtain gossip, knowledge, or fellow experts, and you decide how many weeks you want to spend digging at a site (which results in drawing more chips). But you can only dig at any one site once a year.

10 days In Africa is a game where you draw chits/cards and place them in an ordered rack. You have to construct a continuous journey lasting 10 days through connecting countries. Special car cards count as wildcards whilst plane cards allow you to jump be identically coloured countries. The main problem with the game was that I had forgotten most of my African geography (it was out of date anyway), especially looking at the board orientated in a W->E axis. Plus it wasn't explained all that well and so my initial set up was atrocious. Would be interesting to play without a map and with a judge who judged you journey as correct or not. There are also 10 Days in America and 10 days in Asia sets with similar style. Could make a possible party game, but lacks a lot of the fun quotient methinks.

Lost Ticket To Ride Europe because I forgot to keep my long distance journey. Must remember to keep it, but somehow I've gotten in my habit of not doing so, and thereby losing. And I even set out as if it were still my journey, so was trapped in the Alps (all those tunnels are expensive).

And I can't even remember the games I played yesterday, although one was quite fun. Brain fog. I do remember someone else played Space Trucker and actually survived. I suspect the expansion (which I got in order to have 5 players), contains the difficult pirate attack cards that tends to trash your ships and upset my old gaming group. And telling someone where to find the information he needs to set up his new router, but the actual game I played - completely and utterly blank. Then again I was so exhausted after Sunday I slept most of Monday away. Definitely need more than 48 hours warning about Things Happening, methinks.

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Hmmm. Wattleseed icecream. Well worth cycling down to the outskirts of Toy Town.

Not so sure it was worth the effort of cycling back though...


Nov. 17th, 2009 09:02 pm
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Apologies to people I owe meme questions, meme answers, paranoia characters (and the next move which I've already done in my head, but you'll probably want your character first), but I have been busy cleaning up for an inspection, and pretty well crippling myself thereby.

Normal service should resume in another couple of weeks.

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I'm glad I live in Australia. The full price for one month of the drug that keeps me relatively uncrippled by pain: A$1774.36. The cost to me: A$5.30 (or A$32.90 if I hadn't already reached the safety-net criteria).

Still, it's better than the treatment for severe cases of anklosing spondylitis when I was a medical physicist: that was whole body electrons with the patient on a rotisserie like a chicken (and with much the same effect, I'm afraid).

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Hmmmm. Better is not best, and I think I'm overdoing stuff again. Must remember to schedule only one Thing a day at the moment. Make haste slowly, and all that.

At least Operation Surprise Wedding Gift was carried out successfully. I have my doubts that Operation House Warming will be carried out tomorrow, as the house to be warmed is a wee bit far away for how I'm feeling at the moment, but we will see. After all, I definitely do want to do Operation Fox-Tail Lunch on Sunday, which will probably be followed by the traditional Operation Break Game in the evening. That I can get away with being grumpy from pain.

We shall see.

ETA: Operation House Warming failed due to insufficient available incendiaries. Operation Fox-Tail Lunch went off with the only hitcjh being the chosen dessert place didn't open until 5pm. ("Next time, Gidget. Next time.") Operation Break A Game broke a record 4 games in one evening, entirely due to superior strategic deck-stacking ability on the part of the Undead Orcish Alliance. Leaving Operation Ophthalmologist tomorrow. (Or should that be Ophthalmologist Operation tomorrow?)

"Mine is an evil laugh!"

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Massive changes seem to affect Spiral Dance at each winter solstice. This time they are losing Ingrid the Violinist, who is, apparently, quite sick of music (at least for the moment). She will be missed by everyone, although she has threatened to still appear at gigs to heckle the band. However her replacement, Hayley the Violinist, played a couple of numbers to much aclaim (and, as Adrienne so noted, makes a quite nice Wood Elf). A quite different style, and I think it's going to work very well. [Ingrid was a bad influence on the band – her replacement had actual music on a proper music stand to play off of.] Ingrid will still be heavily featured in the new CD, continuing the tradition that the latest CD should in no way reflect the current make up of the group.

Paul also got to play with his new MIDI accordian, the Alchemist by Peter Hyde, which is very very impressive. I can see [ profile] easterbilby wanting one desperately. They played a new song which I think is called The Witch's Tree or some such, and it did quite a nice rendition of a massive church organ. Paul can finally tune! Shock! Horror! He finally cares!

The aforementioned new CD will be recorded in September, and should include this song and Land of Albion and many other unheard new ones. There won't be much in the way of gigs as they get Hayley up to speed, and their next performance is probably the Australian Wiccan Conferance in September.

I did in fact manage to attend the gig, although I couldn't dance like a mad dance thing very much past the first set. Still far too weak and readily fatigued from my recent illness. But it was lots of fun, although I have to admit I'm not as good dancing Burning Times widdershins. Too used to heading left – it felt unnatural, plus it was a lot more difficult to manage the ambient energy flow. Although I am getting tired of organising people in this dance. I'm a Discordian for Eris' sake. It's a violation of my fundamental principles. Although it was lots of fun knowing the words of Adrienne's new song well enogh to sing along with it without great difficulty, but then again, mosr music is incredibly easy to predict if you know the artist well enough. <grin>

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Yesterday was Spiral Dance's ceilidh and fairy ball at Verdun. Lots of dancing fun, although people did fall over and got terribly confused. Apparently our version of Strip The Willow was quite amusing to behold if you weren't participating in it. If you were, it did get to be rather frustrating at times. I ended up with at least three different partners during the course of the dance. And no, it's definitely not a dance where you change partners. I hope I didn't turn into too much of a dance nazi trying to teach the steps to our group (never actually having done this one before can be a disadvantage in such situations). <grin>

Definitely going to have to teach them the Sans-Serif. I miss it. [1]

Anyway, got to dance with The Lady in Red again. Definitely getting to be quite an enjoyable habit, although we are really going to have to do some proper dance lessons together to coordinate our dancing better. Or at least start learning some advanced steps that require some degree of choreography than simple swings, twirls, and dips.

Unfortunately, with the possible exception of Cock-Eyed Molly at the Brecknock on Friday December 19, I won't get to see most of them again until well into next year. Sounds an awfully long way away when you say it in that way. <sigh>

Especially as Spiral plans to take a big hiatus next year in order to produce their next album, so there will be even less opportunity for dance fun. I think the next scheduled event is the English Ale on May 9th. <sigh> Although the break will probably be healthy for me. I've really been pushing the envelope these last few weeks and paying for it healthwise.

But I'd rather burn than rust anyway. [2]

[1] Maudling nostalgia for when the accelerating San Serif was the dance of the College of Blessed Herman. Although I doubt it is any more . Or if there is a College of Blessed Herman any more, for that matter. VSU, you know.

[2] Especially if I got to do it in a fluorine atmosphere... [Here are some interesting descriptions of fluorine (and other interesting substances) chemistry for non-chemists.]


Dec. 1st, 2008 07:13 pm
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Who has choices, need not chose.
We must, who have none.

What is given, burns the hand.
What is done, is done.

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My body really really hates Thursdays...

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Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Oww.

Because I was taught it was really wussy to cry like a little girl... (not).

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It seems that a bowl of glutine rice, tapioca pearls, lychee jelly, two types of melon, mango, and banana does an excellent job of settling an upset stomach (although it's probably doing awful things to my blood-sugar levels). The Sugarbowl wins again.

Just back from a wonderful Spiral Dance gig where I got to dance like a mad dancey thing with a very beautiful dancey thing in red. [1] Almost didn't make since I still haven't really recovered from The Armada, even though there was no dancing there (then again, my real enemy is lack of movement; an excess of movement is simply painful rather than crippling), but valiantly made the effort (since it meant that I could see if I can sort out some Beltane stuff [yes, we still haven't really celebrated it yet] and wish my cousin a happy birthday).

Hopefully I will have recovered enough to dare Kate Miller-Heidke at The Gov next weekend. Looking forward to it. She can sing! Unfortunately the last few months have been pretty bad health-wise (although the actual prognosis for continued survival has drastically improved, albiet in a not-so-enviable state).

[1] It is perhaps unfortunate that there was an impromptu traffic light theme for the gig – as in green means go, amber means buy me some drinks and we'll see, and red means no... <sigh> <grin> =9)

[2] Looks like it's time to do another major raid on German, French, Swedish, and Bulgarian online CD stores...

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Extreme self-inflicted pain.

Emphasis on self-inflicted; no commiserations required.

Normal service will be resumed after the screaming stops.

[Adrienne commands me to give [ profile] freyaw a hug from her, since she wasn't there, and Herself noticed her absence. Consider this virtual <hug> to be my fulfilment of the command.]

Cock-Eyed Molly on Friday at the Brecknock for those interested. Thankfully there will be no dancing. I hope. Must remember to see about tickets for Jeff Martin & The Armada too. <sigh>


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