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Spent a wonderful night torturing myself again last night over impossible things that shall never (and can never) be. All this was done whilst listening to a rather interesting talk about frogs given by one of Mike's [Prof Tyler] former apprentices. I'm not sure whether the Universe is encouraging me to go or to stay. I don't really think it knows, either; arguments could be made for either side.

On a more sedate note, here is a picture of Witchpetal and friend for your amusement, from the last English Ale:

Witchpetal and friend )

Oh well, less than 600 hours to my next torture session. Hope I can last that long...

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I have to admit I really enjoyed Sleepless Nights, even though I probably shouldn't have, as most of the dialogue cuts far too close to the bone in my case. <sigh>

It was part of the Short & Sweet 10 minute play festival held in Melbourne last year (and actually took the prize for Best Overall Performance). Sometimes I really miss good theatre.

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One of the reasons I really like Hong Kong Cinema is that they are not afraid of invoking great passions, something which Hollywood definitely shies away from. This is especially true of Dragon Tiger Gate (Lung fu moon). Based upon the comics of the same name, it's movie that has to be lived rather than watched. So turn your mind off and just enjoy it.

I think my favourite part was when the villian's daughter says (loosely translated): "I cannot make you love me. But I can make you hate me." So perfectly done that you don't really need the subsequent cut-away to explain what is actually going on.

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I've been asked to point out that my new theme song (When You're Evil) can also be heard in it's entirity as Voltaire's My Space page. As well as The Vampire Club, Zombie Prostitute, Reggae Mortis, and Stuck With You. Apparently he is also responsible for the Star Trek filk album Banned on Vulcan.

Meanwhile the Spiral Dance gig at the Brecknock went quite well, although with the open fire and maniac dancing it was quite warm. It was good to catch up with a lot of old and a few new friends. Again I got to dance with lots of nice young ladies, although I am beginning to believe that my catch and release program, whilst less harmful to the general ecology, may have serious deficiencies in certain other important respects of the dating game. <grin>

Not that it really matters. As Steven Moffat put it: "Because life is long and you are still hot!"

The Universe wins yet again.

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<bounce> <bounce> <bounce>

Blink is another excellent Doctor Who episode by Steven Moffat (Coupling, Press Gang, as well as the previous episodes Girl in the Fireplace, The Empty Child, and The Doctor Dances). Beautifully written.

I just had to say "Wow!" Definitely another award contender IMNSHO.

And it really doesn't hurt that the lead is Carey Mulligan, who does an excellent job. (Not to mention "because you are hot and life is short." Hey, I've already said I'm shallow...)


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