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Another Spiral Dance gig done and gone, this one to celebrate midwinter. Apart from the fact that the venue thinking that they could run a disco in the (unsoundproofed) room next door at the same time as a (paying) live band was playing, it went well. I don't think we'll be using that venue again for a Spiral gig. Then again, the PA coordinator was rather downcast to learn that the horrid caterwhauling that attended the last PA Forum (which uses the same venue) was going to be a regular event as the pub hosts regular open mike nights at the same time/day as PA meetings. Which probably means they have successfully scared off most of the customers on those nights with their "innovations." Some people don't have the sense of a horseradish.

Oh well. There was a lot of fun dancing with a lot of fun people, although for the first time I wasn't able to last for both sets, and I'll regret it when I finally remove those pain blocks. [I shall be ABEND for a while, methinks, pretending (successfully) to be a jellyfish, or at least wishing I could be.] Still I got to dance with lots of beautiful women, which is nothing to sneeze at. One of these days their "other halves" are going to realise that it's not unmanly to dance and appreciate the fun that they are missing out on, and reclaim all my dancing partners. Naah! Never happen. <grin>

Thinking on it, comparing people to horseradishes might be overflattering to people.

I think I shall miss dancing most of all.

I do know that there some dancers I miss very much already.


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