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The other alternative for an online game was Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies. Rather than setting a premise and having you create characters for it, I'll go with what you want to play. Although I would like outré and unique characters by preference. Such as a Monkeysquid Koldun or aged wingman from Lost Kroyu. If you don't have the S7S rules, a pdf is available for sale here, a wiki full of ideas is available here, and a free set of the PDQ# rules is available here.

There are a couple of changes though.

  • First of all Wealth becomes Wealthy (a Forte that generates Wealth Dice for you).
  • You can take Equipment which gives you access to a wide variety of better gear, provided that that gear is of a mundane nature and only give a "natural bonus" (special items still need to be gained via specific Gear Fortes). Ruqs and Wingcloaks are not considered equipment, since it also grants the skill to use them.
  • Fortes such as Sidekick, Sanctum, and Vehicle don't have free additional Fortes. Sidekicks and Sanctums and Vehicles act more like a skill, albeit one that might be used remotely. Damage falls back to the character alone. [Yes, that does mean if someone captures your sidekick and tortures them you could take the damage for him, if you like. At least until he is zeroes out, at which point they can't torture you through him any more.]
  • There is a separate Skyship Forte. The MOD of the Skyship forte indicates the size of the vessel. [They will gain other traits, but not directly as part of character generation.] The Skyship Forte can be used as a bonus to command as well. Alternatively you could take a larger vessel with a smaller MOD, and be unsure of your command... [PS: Don't feel that someone has to take either a Skyship or Sanctum, btw. If needed, they will be provided. "What do you mean, sky galley slaves?"].

If in doubt for what level of absurd I'm aiming at, go watch Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Even if you are not in doubt, go watch it. It's well worth watching. Again.

Over to you (while I look to see where I hide my dice box so I can roll up that Paranoia character in my other online game). Feel free to ask any questions and talk amongst yourselves as regards to what you want to do.

ETA: And for the people that have so far said they are too busy to actually play (despite the slow turn rate [about the same as a MOD +8 Frigate I hope, although I have a feeling it might actually be the same turn rate as a MOD +12 First Rate Ship of the Line <grin>]) you can always feel free to kibbitz, shout out good form, and earn style points dice by making suggestions that particularly amuse me, especially if your suggestions get the players to earn their own style dice.

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It was just another daycycle like any other in ELJ Sector Weed Reclamation Plant C when ... suddenly it wasn't. The lowly infrared workers looked up from their various tasks as the panels of fluorescent lights flickered. A few seconds later came the sounds of a distant explosion, and a light rain of dust fell from the cavernous ceiling.

Then the processing equipment around them slowly ground to a halt.

The silence was deafening (at least when compared to when the absence of silence was deafening).

The various vidscreens around the factory floor and on the processing equipment came to life with the following message.


A message from Your Friend, The Computer )

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Given the poll is currently tied between Old School Paranoia and S7S the following does spring to mind.

Don't worry, I'm almost positive I wouldn't do this to you. )

Nope. It's a baaadddd baaaddddd idea...

But, when you think about it, Cividad Arachnos does have elevators (an essential element of any Paranoia game)...

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[Poll #1470636]

Just seeing if there actually is any actual interest. No promises at the moment. I'm tending more towards an old school dungeon crawl as the easiet to handle, rather than anything sandboxy. Using a simple ruleset preferably that doesn't require positioning information.* Either on a dying Mars (and possibly even a prehistoric Venus), or the Isle of Loess or Darkmaze Dungeon** (if I can relocate the maps and stuff in my boxes of archived stuff)

* My latest incarnation of D&D is out of the question because it is only have finished and would require the posting of lots of rules).

** Complete with funfair, souvenir booths, Gobbledock's Vegetarian Restaurant ("We Serve Elves"), and faery-floss made with real fairies.</td></tr></table>


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