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[ profile] maliszew is, among other things, examining the paradigms of original D&D (that's the 1974 boxed set, Chainmail and five supplements). One of the things he looked at was the issue of alignments. One post sparked the following comment from me, which I thought I'd share:

It kind of got away from me... )

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I have now played Catan: Struggle for Rome. An interesting expansion on the Catan system. The three player game is particularly viscious, since it removes certain fairly critical cities from play.

We also did our first session of The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries, which didn't turn out as well as we hoped. The term contrempts and farce might even be applied. I think a problem with these gmless games is that we need to get out of the habit of being Evil Gamemasters™ and actually cooperate in telling the story, even if we are labelled "The Opposition" at the moment. These sort of games require a metagame awareness. Especially this one.

And the other 50+ percent of the Adelaide indie gamning community doesn't want to play Grey Ranks, which I think is a shame. After all, who wouldn't want to play a role-playing agme about a doomed uprising in 1944 Poland where the probably result is death, psychotic trauma or suicidal depression (and that's just the effects on the players). Actually I like some of the concepts of this game, particularly the Action Grid (your ability to do something is often based on your state of mind from suicidally overconfident to suicidally depressed). I did say the game was rather ... cathartic ... didn't I?

And for the first time in 30 years of fantasy role-play (well actually in this case the trope didn't develop for about two to three years), I am seriously contemplating running a fantasy campaign where the orcs are not the good guys!



But at least the elves will still be psychotic bastards, so all is not lost.

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As someone who feels that it his duty to cheer for the villians in panto (someone has to), I find the latest development in Order of the Stick to be particularly satisfying.

Why do players assume that they are the only ones who are competent and can plan ahead?

<bwah hah hah ha ha ha ha ha>

Admittedly whenever I was a magician/sorceror/wizard in Certain Games™ I loved finding obscure but highly successful uses for spells. Although people thought I had gone overboard when I once used Flesh to Stone, Rock to Mud, Destroy Water, and Gust of Wind instead of just using a plain old Disintegrate.

But that kobold was sitting in my seat! <sulk>


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