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I was recently reminded that I'd yet to get a copy of Sufficiently Advanced – a role-playing game set in the far future. What interested me in the game is that it sounded like an interesting examination of transhuman cultures and their competing memes. I'll do a more in depth comment on the rules when I finish reading them, but meanwhile, like the Malkavians in Vampire, I found my spiritual home in The Eternal Masquerade civilization:

The Masquerade derives its name from the custom of its citizens: to wear masks from the day they are born until the day they die. A person's children and lifemate will see their face, and occaisionally so will a lover or true friend, but no others. Far from simple pieces of wood or deramic, these masks are infused with nanotechnology and computer aids.

Masqueraders dress in fantastic clothing, often with changing and shimmering colours. Robes are common in both genders, with flowing ribbons made to flutter in the wind (even if there is no wind). Masks can be simple affairs, or can be carved to look like demons, angels, or fantastic creatures. Some daring individuals even program their masks to look like human faces. Masqueraders are often emotional people, although not to the extreme that the Tao are.

The Masquerade is a relatively free and tolerant civilization, with many modifications of human form and psyche available. Not all modifications are easily noticed, however, since flowing multicolored robes are the civilization's traditional outer garment. Using Nanotech to perform a scan of someone you meet is generally considered rude, so there is no easy way to know whether someone's enhanced. Masqueraders tend to be polite and formal when first meeting someone.

The game looks very well done, with the Masquerade having abilities to support this lack of identity, or rather, the ability to take on and discard identities as easily as they change masks, and yet, still be themselves.

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Because [ profile] whiteadelphi asked nicely, I've rescued my answers to the last time I answered the 36 Questions meme from someone else's journal. The answers have probably changed. But who cares.

36 Questions About Me )

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Spent a wonderful night torturing myself again last night over impossible things that shall never (and can never) be. All this was done whilst listening to a rather interesting talk about frogs given by one of Mike's [Prof Tyler] former apprentices. I'm not sure whether the Universe is encouraging me to go or to stay. I don't really think it knows, either; arguments could be made for either side.

On a more sedate note, here is a picture of Witchpetal and friend for your amusement, from the last English Ale:

Witchpetal and friend )

Oh well, less than 600 hours to my next torture session. Hope I can last that long...

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Another person has asked me 5 questions and here are their answers. Anyone desiring questions of their own can fill in a comment.

maelorin's questions )

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Pick any 5 things from my interests list that you would like to ask me about. Ask a question relating to each one, so you are left with just 5 questions, which you can post in comments here.

I will answer as best I can.

Copy paste this into your own journal and I will do the same, as will other's on your friends list.

Artfully lifted from [ profile] drjon.

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You know the meme. Someone asks you 5 questions which you must answer in your lj, and in return anyone can ask you for 5 questions by adding an appropriate comment. So if you would like 5 semi-random questions, please leave a comment below.

These are the questions I received from [ profile] rowlirowl:

Answers herein. Only 10c a view. )

And now, does anyone wish me to ask them five questions?

ode to joy

May. 27th, 2007 05:45 am
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[ profile] shadow_5tails has tagged her entire friends list with a meme ("greedy kitsune! you were only supposed to choose ten..."). For your viewing pleasure, education, edification, and eclecticism, I present 10 things that give me a moment of pleasure. )

In short, live life.

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Oracles come in many forms, including databases. This one, stolen from [ profile] molokpv_au, is particularly silly.

very silly music meme oracle - avoid it if you can )

Actually this meme needs to be reversed.

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It's the Adelaide Fringe again. Scarcely seems two years since the last one ... oh that's right, it's not. Converting the Fringe to an annual event would seem to explain that uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm that seems to abound. Or maybe it's because all the literati are currently involved with the Adelaide Film Festival and haven't had time to switch to Fringe Mode. Either that or the V8 supercar street rally. Anyway it's time to see if anyone else is interested in seeing stuff at the same time as me. These are what currently tempt me... )

he's back

Jan. 4th, 2005 03:35 pm
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"Blind Soul, arm yourself with the Torch of the Mysteries,
and in the Night of Earth, you shall find your Divine Double.
Follow this Divine Guide, for She has the keys to your lives, past and to come."

-- from the Philosophia speculativa by Gerhardt Dorn (1567)

Oh well.


I'm back from having had a little chat with Resh (and, surprisingly, her husband "Erra"). At least I think I am. It's very difficult to be sure about these things. One always feels that one has left something important behind (and probably has). She had grown rather insistant that I visit her and I had kept putting it off, for the justifiable fear that I wouldn't want to come back.

I didn't, but I did.


I still serve. From moment to moment.

<sullen bitter laugh> mutating into a <triumphant laugh> that shakes the Pillars of Reality.

I still serve.

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If all your friends lept off a cliff, would you as well?

Admittedly, that's the lemming credo, but I have the funny feeling that our hypothetical lemming would have the same weightless feeling I have at the moment, that that last step really shouldn't have been taken, that I have on having created a journal. I mean, many of my aquaintances have done so, but is it really enough for me to be one of the "me-toos" as well. One was never very much in favour at orating to the crowd; indeed one much preferred the privacy and intimacy of individual communication.

And then there is the matter of which voice to use. It might be the role-player disease but most of my inner voices seem to come fully fledged with their own distinct personalities and histories. It probably doesn't help that the nom-de-plume I have chosen here is one I frequently used to pontificate on matters of deep philosophical and magical import. But it is a name many people have known me by over the years and brings fond memories of the friends and community that was alt.callahans, back before time (or the lack of it), became the all-consuming tyrant that it is.

You see a Pavane is a progressive dance (really just meaning that it progresses around the dance floor). And a Reverance is the small physical courtesy extended before preceeding to dance. So the name Reverance Pavane is essentially an invitation to come dance with me a while and we shall see where we end up. The destination doesn't matter really, although the process of getting there is very important.

So this is an experiment of sorts, or rather, several experiments of related sorts. I have no idea where it will go or what it will eventually contain, but here it begins. But while I am writing this I am reminded of a maxim from my mispent youth (isn't everybody's youth mispent?): The difference between psychometry and chemistry is that raw chemicals are smart enough not to run experiments on themselves.

Oh well. At least I shall have some fun in the near future deciding on the exact format for these journal entries.


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