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Just a quick note in case people are interested.

Brillig are doing a live recording at the Grace Emily this coming Sunday (16th September), primarily focusing on their new music. Show starts at 7pm, leading off with songstress Mary Webb, followed by Brillig at 8pm sharp. Free entry.
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Went to see Sophie Koh at The Wheatie with some friends. I'll probably like her new album best judging from the songs (picked up all three CDs at the gig). She is an enthusiastic and energetic singer and the live gig is well worth seeing. She suits The Wheatie and the venue suits her. I do hope she comes back soonish (less than 4 years this time).

The warm up act was Cookie Baker, back from Melbourne, for a bit and the audience was unduly packed with her friends and family.

Almost made it home without my lungs getting worse, but whilst irritated by the cold (lovely mist in the parklands), they do appear to want to stay in my body this time. Was a bit spacey from fatigue though. Far more than usual.

Gigs coming up are Kate Miller-Heidke, possibly Clare Bowditch, the Spiral Dance acoustic gig which I've now been ordered to go to. Don't know if I will go to the special quintet performance of The Idea of North (twice the alto power), although it is late enough that that decision may have been taken out of my hands. Definitely won't be going to The Tea Party.

[* Oh, and apparently "music Ian likes" is now code amongst a certain sub-group of my friends for "avoid this band at all costs."}

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Going out Friday to Brillig was a bad idea, but I managed to crawl into Spiral Dance's launch of their new double CD Through A Sylvan Doorway. Quite good. I particularly enjoyed Asgard's Chase as well as old favourites Rise Up and Feet of Clay. I'd say more except I'm about to collapse in a heap of undifferentiated protoplasm.

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First serious trip out post flu (of which at least two people I am acquainted with have been hospitalised, so I'm hoping I don't relapse), was to see Brillig at The Wheatie. Great show, their entire performance was all the new songs they've spent the last few months writing. Unfortunately, whilst two are already available via various means (Port Misery and The Hearse Song), they won't be recording the new CD until they have had a lot more experience playing them live, so you'll have to wait for the other eleven. They were quite good ballads/laments, with a much more Western theme than their previous work. Still with the appropriate amount of death and despair for Brillig songs. You can get a taste at their new song blog.

They were aided by Tristran Newsome (formerly of The Self Preservation Society and now striking out on an even more solo career than as TSPS [and much more Western than Blues-Country, so the dog may not die any more*]), and Kelly Menhennett who took the Telstra Best Songwriter prize this year (and is off to Nashville as a result), and whose album might well have been worth getting if she had actually remembered to bring any to the gig. She at Higher Ground on Thursday 19th ($5) and The Gov on Friday 20th (?).

They also had awesome cup cakes to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday.

Now hopefully I haven't made my cough wosse and will get to Spiral on Sunday Arvo.

[* You know what happens when you play a country song backwards - the wife comes back, the dog lives, and he gets a new truck...]

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For those who might be interested Brillig will be playing at The Wheatie on Friday July 13 from 9pm (sharp). Entry is free, and they promise a whole lot of new music featuring death and dismemberment (or simply dying of dehydration in the desert). Should be fun. Rumours that it is also Elizabeth's birthday may be totally unfounded (or at least unattributable to me).

Following that, on Sunday at 3pm at The Wheatie, Spiral Dance will be releasing their new album, Through a Sylvan Doorway. Entry is $15, but includes a copy of the CD (at a discount price).

[I'm going to try to be at both. I've almost stopped coughing and have reasonable levels of energy. I hope. At least I hope I don't relapse - the active fever phase of this bout of influenza, whilst mercifully brief (in my case one day), was also the most frighteningly bad bout I've ever had.]

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Despite the cold and incipient threat of rain* I headed down to The Wheatie to see Dandelion Wine (or Dandilleon Wine as Elise refers to them), in their whistle-stop tour of Adelaide celebrating 10 years since they produced their EP Light Streaming Down which they credit as their inspiration for heading off to Europe. This duo comes with more than their weight in musical toys of various sorts. At one point Nick was playing both mandolin and electric guitar (one strapped above the other), whilst Naomi was playing flute and electronic drum. Not that this was over several delayed loops as well. Given the basis of the journey the music varied from the electro-trance of their early years to the more complicated and deeper electronica fusion they currently play. It even included a new song!

Hopefully they will be back after their next European tour with a new CD. And hopefully they'll play at a venue much more suitable for dance than the Wheatie (despite the fact it is a good venue the varying slopes on the floor are tricky). Then again, it wasn't really a dancey crowd, much as I would have liked it to be.

A large part of the crowd was actually was there to see Leigh Stardust (or it just might have been that they had an early bed-time), as the crowd seemed to have thoroughly dwindled for Dandelion Wine. Which was a pity. Then again, DW can be an acquired taste.

Anyway Ms Stardust was the opening act and she ran through quite a few of her new songs, with the accompanying logorrhoea of bizarre commentary that makes her performances a lot of fun to attend. You'll never attend the same one twice, even if it had the same set list. I actually had a song about the Armageddon enveloping Adelaide dedicated to me for the mere price of a chocolate frog. [There did seem to be rather extensive contamination from Brillig in her new songs: disasters, death, mayhem, and bad (and good) love affairs.]

Anyway it was lots of fun and I am looking forward to see both bands again the next time the play in Adelaide.

[* Aforementioned threat being realised on the way home outside the new hospital construction site (no shelter). Which meant that my celebratory mango sticky black rice was a no go.]

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Music for the month. A quiet month this time, mainly involved with live gigs rather than obtaining recorded music. although I may have forgotten to mention Galanis' new album, which became available via Kickstarter last month.

This monthly report opens with the acquisition of Blind Threshold, Tribal Derivations, and Collide by Beats Antique, and Feast of Hammers by Birdeatsbaby.

Tomorrow (Saturday Jun 16) is the dark electro world music (with hammer dulcimer) of Dandelion Wine at The Wheatie, accompanied by the smiling happy poppy that is Leigh Stardust.

I probably should do something about the Winter Solstice Feast too if I want to actually go.

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A very relaxed Clare Bowditch show at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. I'm fairly certain she didn't forget more than half the words from more than half the songs, but it might have been close. Seriously she covered well and you would have to be a musical super-genius fan of Clare average audience member primary school graduate to notice her clever improvised substitutions. I mean the escalating trill of "for-gott-tetten-eenn-en" was a bit of a fit in that one song, but otherwise...

On a far more serious note (such as the one Clare illustrated on the piano-forte in imitation of Gerard Depardieu in Green card) it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of new stuff (world premiere - 1 [as there was a show yesterday]), a couple of covers, and some from the last album. A lot of crowd participation was required, which met with mixed success amongst the generally older audience near the stage (critical mass was never really reached and sustained until just near the end). I'm sure there are a lot of illegal bootlegs of her new songs available somewhere, especially when Clare pointedly hinted that she didn't really mind bootlegs (although such was seriously against Festival policy, so no one was obvious about it).

The crowd was heavily biased towards the Adelaide Cabaret Festival attendees rather than Clare's usual run of much younger fans (at least gathering from the people seated around us, although I expect there was an age-reversal in the gallery. We were in fact joined at our table by a nice couple of afore-mentioned Festival-goers who were astonished to discover that we had seen Clare seven or so times previously (five for me I think). They were quite impressed and were looking forward to attending one of her future shows at The Gov with her full line-up (this had a much abbreviated line-up).

Was quite enjoyable, rounded out by dessert at Saldechin (a white chocolate and cheese empanada for me).

Looked like so many wonderful singers and shows at the Cabaret Festival this year. Almost tempted by a few, but I shall resist. Probably even resist Tripod since no one else is interested. <sigh>

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Important gigs for the upcoming next few months (for my reference because otherwise I'd forget).

9 JuneClare Bowditch
ACF Space ($40)
Definitely going to this one.
16 JuneDandelion Wine (& Leigh Stardust)
The Wheatie (free)
20-23 JuneTripod
ACF Banquet Room ($40)
I'd like to see them but don't know if I will manage it if no one else is interested.
30 JuneSpiral Dance Yule Feast
Port Adelaide ($45)
Sci-Fi theme. Still unsure about this one. Soon the decision will be out of my hands.
13 JulyBrillig
The Wheatie (Free?)
Brillig performing some of their new Cowboy Death songs. Also Elizabeth's birthday.
15 JulySpiral Dance CD Launch
The Wheatie ($15)
21 JulySophie Koh
The Wheatie ($?)
24 JulyThe Tea Party: The Reformation Tour
Thebarton Theatre ($85)
Since the only person I know who likes The Tea Party (who is in Adelaide) isn't currently talking to me I'm less enthused about attending this one, especially with the price tag. So I'll probably give it a miss.
10 AugustKate Miller-Heidke
The Gov ($48)
Definitely going to this one as lots of people I know will be there.
later 2012Yunyu
????? ($?)

Currently feeling like only going to stuff where friends are also going at the moment. Even if the friends are only the people playing on stage.

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Should have taken my own advice and booked sooner. Almost a case of no Kate for me. =8)
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Despite being in so much pain I was almost vomiting by the end of the night, I quite enjoyed the Sponsor's Concert by Damh the Bard. His presence down-under was effectively crowd-sourced, with the prize being this concert (and the special edition recording of it afterwards). I do like his work and do recommend seeing him live, even if you aren't a pagan.

Those wanting to catch him in Adelaide have one last chance tonight (at the PASA meeting at Marcellina's Pizza Bar [$5 entry]), and people in Melbourne (Thursday), Sydney (Friday), and Brisbane (Saturday) can catch him at the various gigs and balls he is playing with Spiral Dance. See the Spiral Dance gig page for details.

[And it appears that Reverence Pavane is actually a cute blonde veterinary nurse. Who knew?]

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Just as a reminder to peoples interstate who might be interested that there are three Spiral Dance and Damh the Bard gigs coming up very soon now. Well worth attending. They are:

  • Melbourne: Thursday 24th May 2012 at Bar 303 (303 High St., Northcote, VIC). Doors open 8pm. Tickets $25 / $20 concession.
  • Sydney: Friday May 25th 2012 at The Bald Faced Stag Hotel (345 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt, NSW). Doors open 8pm. Tickets $35 early bird / $40 at the door. Proudly hosted by PAN. See for booking information.
  • Brisbane: Saturday 26th May 2012. Appearing at PAN's Brisbane Witches Ball 2012 (The Uber Lounge, 100 Boundary St., West End, QLD). Doors open 8pm. Tickets - Early bird $50.00 or $60 at door - includes light nibbles. Tickets are limited so booking is advisable. See for booking information.

I find Spiral Dance to always be well worth seeing (and especially danceable), and Damh the Bard to be quite profound and soul-fulfilling and well worth hearing (and even better sung along with). Very harmonious.

[I believe the plan for the next time they will be singing together will be at the Royal Albert Hall. So why not get an advance preview now instead of having to fly all the way to the top of the world and risk falling off it!]

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Important gigs for the upcoming next few months (for my reference because otherwise I'd forget).

10 MayThe Graveyard Train
The Gov ($20)
Melbourne horror country drunken bearded stompy chain smashy madness band. (with Bearded Gypsy and The Bakers)
19 MayThe English Ale (& Spiral Dance & Damh the Bard)
Mylor Oval ($15)
[Found a way to get up there.]
22 MayDamh the Bard Sponsors Concert
The Wheatie (-)
9 JuneClare Bowditch
ACF Space ($40)
14 JuneLisa Mitchell
Flinders St Baptist Church (?)
The bvenue means I probably won't be going. Breaking down in screams of pain three-quarters through the performance is not the best way to appreciate music).
16 JuneDandelion Wine (& Leigh Stardust)
The Wheatie (free)
20-23 JuneTripod
ACF Banquet Room ($40)
30 JuneSpiral Dance Yule Feast
Port Adelaide ($45)
Sci-Fi theme. Would try my Space Pirate Harlock costume again except someone has run off with the cloak... Makes me less enthusued to appear. That and the distance and cost to create a new costume. I don't think my Starblazers costume would fit any more. And I'm not shaving my beard again to do a Buck Godot again. Besides I'd have to fins a new Winslow since it has also transmogrified. Hmmm. <sigh>
15 JulySpiral Dance CD Launch
The Wheatie ($15)
21 JulySophie Koh
The Wheatie ($?)
24 JulyThe Tea Party: The Reformation Tour
Thebarton Theatre ($85)
10 AugustKate Miller-Heidke
The Gov ($48)
later 2012Yunyu
????? ($?)

Have I missed anything? Apart from the Discordian Drone Group playing at the Squatter's Arms as I type this, who sole advertisement is a "HAIL ERIS! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!"

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Can you spot the [ profile] reverancepavane cunningly hidden in this photograph?
[Taken by Xani of The Twoks to prove they have Adelaide fans...]

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OK, I lied. But only technically, since on this year the third Sunday in March was also the last Sunday of the Fringe. Anyway the third Sunday is traditionally the Whitemore Square Arts Festival. It was a lot more lacklustre and unpopulated than last year. Is suspect setting it on the last day of the Fringe was counter-productive, despite increased advertising that it was on. After all, it's half a mile away from any other Fringe stuff.

Anyway I mainly went there to see Brillig play. Contrary to popular belief neither Matt Denny or Elizabeth actually burst into flame when the sun struck them – although there was a distinct sparkle coming from Elizabeth. She will claim it's sunlight reflecting from her autoharp, but we all know better...

Anyway they played fun doom filled songs on a bright sunny day. Apparently there will be an extended hiatus for them as they continue their nefarious schemes for dominating the musical world.

I then made my acquaintance with a lamb (turning on a spit) and left to catch up on sleep and rest my weary body and exhausted mind. This Fringing for a month had it's down side.

Speaking of all things bright and sunshiny Leigh Stardust is currently working on a new album.

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Running behind, so here are some of my Talk Fringe reviews. First The Jane Austen Experience Present Somewhere Under The Rainbow:

From the moment Jennifer Kingwell and Todd Dickens descend the stairs to the stage, singing to each other from across the crowded auditorium, you know that this musical duo has that certain chemistry and that you are in for an excellent show. And they don't disappoint as they present the songs from their new CD Somewhere Under The Rainbow. The later addition of bass guitar, drums, and cello for some of the songs deepens the sound magnificently. The lyrics are complex and thematically intriguing; they write songs that are well-suited to them, both in voice and theme. Mellow, relaxed, and yet strong and upbeat. Well worth seeing when they hit the Fringe again next year.

Their new album is available at Bandcamp at only A$10. And being Bandcamp you can listen to it all. I particularly liked Phoenix and Song for a Siren. But judge for yourself. I for one will be catching them next time they come here.

I initially chose them as a possibility because for some reason the show's title attracted me. Then I listened to their music and had to go. Only to discover that they had a number of existing fans amongst my friends who had neglected to tell me about them earlier. Oh well. Now I know better.

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Those with a passing familiarity with me might know that I am a fan of the Melbourne group The Twoks, who have a tendency to do a show or two at the last few Fringes. But I also have to admit to being slightly conflicted about them.

You see the very first music of The Twoks was very avant-garde, consisting on layers and layers of Xani's violin (with percussion on the soundbox, beating the strings, and plucking them in addition to the more traditional bowing), resulting in an incredibly complicated and rich soundscape in which she played. They were so large you couldn't take them in in one gulp, but you had to enter them and chase the music as it swirled around inside them. Sort of like a big majestic building. You can build up the sense of the building by exploring it until finally you know the whole building despite being unable to see it entire. Which I admit I found extremely tantalizing, being able to explore the structure of these incredible creative pieces, that you could hear being built for you a piece at a time. What would you find around the next corner?

Creating these older soundscapes required lots of foot pedals to control the equipment required to capture and play the loops at the appropriate time, which often forced Xani to sit and use her feet very dextrously. (I sometimes joked that she played her violin with her feet.)

Anyway over the last few years the music has changed. Become less complex and involved and easier to perceive immediately as a whole. Less avant-garde and more popular. More refined and purer. Sublimated.* There are however two great benefits to the new form. First Xani has added her vocals to the mix. She has a good voice and it adds a thematic component to the music which allows people to follow her through the piece (no more exploring on your own). Secondly, with fewer layers there is less need for her to be tied to a chair in the performance and she is free to dance as she plays, and this just adds incredible energy to the pieces. [It also made the simple slow acoustic piece she did in the middle of the tent very poignant.]

Now I like both versions. A lot. But it's different parts of me that like each of them. So sometimes I mourn for the loss of the original music. But not for long, for the new music has an excellent advantage that outweighs the past. As Rufus** said "And it's great to dance to."

And I should also mention Mark, who is also as much a reason for the current sound of The Twoks as Xani. His percussion gives great form to the music. The chemistry between these two musicians is excellent (and it shows). It also has to be, because many of the pieces are quite susceptible to spur of the moment improvisation. Both Xani and Mark are The Twoks.

Anyway, this year's performance was great. I'm still bouncing eight hours later as pieces of the show are still streaming through my head.

Apparently the Melbournians don't believe that The Twoks can have attracted such a large audience to their shows here with playing just the occasional gig. The obvious solution to that is to get them to come back for more gigs. They have a full CD release coming up in September so I hope they will journey back to do a CD launch here. Failing that, just come over and play a Sunday gig at the Wheatie.


The Twoks consist of violinist Xani Kolac and Mark Leahy on drums. Xani generally makes extensive use of looping to build up a wild and exhuberant soundscape, which is given exacting focus by Mark’s laser sharp percussion.

The music of this band has changed since they first appeared at the Fringe a few years ago. The soundscapes aren’t quite as complex as they once were, but that lack is more than made up for by the sheer energy of the performance and the addition of Xani’s vocals. Plus, the new music is great to dance to if you are so inclined, as well as great to just listen to.

The best way to describe the show (and Xani for that matter), is wild and uplifting. Almost fey. You’ll definitely still be hearing their music in your head hours after the gig.

Again, a one-off show. But definitely keep them in mind for next Fringe.


[* In the traditional sense rather than the scientific sense. As something is sublimated it gives off the impurities and dross and becomes more sublime.]

[** Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.]

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Off to see Zeptepi, Melbourne's "Post-Apocalyptic Folk Rock Band," tonight (9pm) at The Wheatie. Accompanied by Brillig, Adelaide's "We Prefer Our Deaths Individually Hand Crafted" Band. If anyone else is interested, feel free to drop by. It's free!
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Despite the pews of impossible smallness (well, if you are over 6' in height they are), a minor flare in arthritis, and serious mental dysfunction (autoimmune diseases - you have to love 'em), I thoroughly enjoyed Seeker Lover Keeper (aka Holly Throsby, Sarah Blasko and Sally Seltmann performing as a trio) last night. The best bits were, IMNSHO, their titular song and Sarah's rendition of Bird on a Wire, but all was quite excellent.

Contemplating going to the Spiral Dance gig tonight or not, and whether I cycle or taxi. Cycling would allow me to have a lovely dinner, but it took far too many hours to make it back after the last gig (cf above comments about failing health). Especially if I do go dancing might be de rigeur.

And tomorrow is Brillig's official launch of their new film clip, followed by gig (with The Self Preservation Society), which I also want to see, and screaming in pain does not make one the most appreciative audience member. And then there is the Essen Games meet tomorrow as well...

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A busy weekend coming up.

On Friday evening I go see Seeker Lover Keeper (otherwise known as Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby, and Sally Seltmann [alhough which is which I have no idea]) at the Flinders St Baptist Church. Should be fun.

On Saturday there is the Midsummer Masked Faeries Ball for Spiral Dance at the SA Folk Centre (cnr George St and South Rd Thebarton). [$10, children free, 6:30pm]. I wonder where my lightweight dancing mask is ... although I may not bother. And might be late so as to miss as much of Louisa John-Krol's performance as possible. (She messed up a Mullah Nasruddin story last time I saw her perform. Heresy!)

Sunday there is a combination boardgame play/sale featuring some of the latest games from Essen. Although I'll probably be in too much pain to go there. At 6pm, there is Brillig lauching their new video clip for The Hearse Song. They'll be playing, along with The Self Preservation Society, and Denni will be hosting a Death Disco afterwards.

In between all this I'll probably be collapsed in a heap.


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