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For those interested in role-playing and board games they might be interested in a new start-up called Loot, which offers "games of the day" discounts on the same. So far most of the really good deals have been restricted to the US only (if only by the freight costs), but there are the possibility of some interesting games.

For example, today's game, Fox Magic, looks quite interesting.

Speaking of sales, apparently there is an offer of 10% off from The Book Depository if you invoke the coupon code FACE3104 (valid until Monday).

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If they keep producing interesting campaign ideas for Savage Worlds like Neccessary Evil and The Day after Ragnarok I might just have to get an actual copy of the rules. <grin>

The Day After Ragnarok is by Kenneth Hite and features all the juiciness that this implies. The basic theme is that in the closing stages of WW2 the Nazis succeeded in summoning the Midgard Serpent. Unfortunately for them, before they could make full use of this massive weapon of destruction, the eye of the Serpent had an encounter with the fruit of Project Trinity. Result: one dead serpent, clouds of radioactive venom circling the Earth, a crushed Europe, a tsunami-deluged Atlantic seaboard, and a humongous corpse dividing East from West. The Cold War continues, albeit with a Serpant Wall rather than an Iron Curtain, but with interesting pulp additions, such as creatures mutated from contact with the Serpent's blood and venom, magic, and even strange devices ophiotech devices developed from excavating the corpse of the Serpent (via the efforts of intrepid speleo-herpetologists). Pulp with very interesting twists.

On a side note I'm contemplating the idiocy of running a strategic space campaign using Starblazer Adventures. This probably means I'm totally loopy, but until I find my copy of Star Probe and Star Empires it might have to do.

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Wow! The postie just delivered a copy of [ profile] chadu's Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies. It's a truly beautiful piece of work (lots of kudos to [ profile] drivingblind for his excellent layout), and I highly recommend getting the limited edition hardcover to anyone interested in buckling their swash. In fact it's so nice, I probably will have to get a copy of the softcover when it comes out to actually play the game with... <sigh>

Anyway, now I can settle down to seriously reading the final version of the rules. And yes, if people are interested, I'll run some Musketeer games (either in Barathi or Colrona). Which, judging from the S7S list, means I'm in the definite minority. Everyone else seems to want to run pirate (or pirate prey trader) games. <grin> Oh well. I've done that once already, using Privateers & Gentlemen, albeit in space. And there really isn't much difference between spaceships and skyships. Besides, I'm still rather suspicious of the Vehicular duel rules.

I also got a copy of Greg Stolze's A Dirty World, the film noir version of the ORE (One Roll Engine) system (Godlike, Reign, Wild Talents, Monsters and Other Childish Things, This Favoured Land). Whilst all these games use the same basic resolution system, how they apply it can vary quite considerably between games. In A Dirty World it makes interesting use of "sliding attributes," which means that as things happen in the game a character's fundamental abilities will change. A very interesting approach which encapsulates much of the feel of the noir genre, and how it is always highly personal.

I believe Greg is currently working on a posthuman/transhuman game at the moment. Which reminds me that I really must stop collecting rule systems* that I will probably never end up having the time or people to play with. I still haven't got around to doing anything with Sufficiently Advanced (which looks like it has been semi-abandoned [or at least released into the Creative Commons wild] by its creator**), and I loved the ideas in that game.

And to round out my extravagant acquisitions I've just ordered the boardgames Android and Battlestar Galactica to plague my boardgame group. More reports after we get to play them.

And to cap it all off, for the first time in at least a month I'm not in crippling physical pain today.

This day is full of win.

* Although, thinking of this, I will have to get This Favoured Land (American Civil War with "superpowers") because all the other ORE stuff has been excellent, and the new version of Heroquest is apparently coming out around my birthday (even though I suspect I'd abhor the system as being too far into the narrative sense of play and I really do prefer sandbox), and, of course, The Dresden Files RPG because I like the books (even if my favourite character is no longer around <pout>) and I'm already salivating at the tid-bits that have been released into the wild... I'm not an addict. I can stop when they stop producing good games. Honest!

**Sufficiently Advanced is now free! Do yourself a favour and download a copy now. Anyone got room for a member of the Eternal Masquerade? <grin>

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Finally got to play a traainm game with Adam, that being Ticket to Ride: Europe. Interesting, but nothing particularly enthusing to dedicated strategy gamers, as their is a paucity of strategic options (as is the case with most games extensively modelled on the real world). It would make a reasonable leisure game though. Oh, and I came second because I forgot that with only two carriages left, the other Great Satan couldn't invest in a three point track to win longest rail if I looped. Oh well. Live and learn, die and forget.

[It was interesting that we were able to lap the last player though, so their is an extremely unbalanced dynamic in there.]

We rounded it out with another game of In The Year of the Dragon, the Chinese disaster mitigation game. Quite fun, although it is one of those games that would be easily spoiled by a player that takes it too seriously and tries to calculate the optimum survival path, since the randomness is limited. Again, the events tended to clump, making the first half of the year extremely panic-ridden and the later half less so for most of us. Was involved in the race for initiative this time, rather unsuccessfully as it turned out (although it did mean I was able to get an option I wanted a couple of times without paying, but really, for the cost, I would have been better investing in highly capable advisors and staying at the back of the initiative order and using whatever options people didn't want). I came second, due to the absence of famines in the last half of the year. At least that's my excuse.

I wonder when Agricola will make it out here. Should be soon. And then we can get to play peasant farmers trying to build a decent farm (or starve to death, more likely). I can't help thinking of After the Apocalypse, the old SPI game of post-nuclear war survival, which, as most of the simulation games of the time, was far more accurate than playable. I cheered once for being able to survive my first winter. [I was really lucky.] Speaking or accuracy, the SPI game World War III had rules for strategic nuclear warfare, which consisted of soaking the map in lighter fluid and applying a match. I miss SPI – something is missing with these modern Eurogames that focus on playability first....

Oh dear.

I'm a grognard.

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In the Year of the Dragon )

Shadow Over Camelot )

Next fortnight we once again attempt to get Adam to play a train game and fail miserably. Either that or we attempt to control Germany's power supply (trying to control America with anything other than Soviets/Mexicans/Chinese or Giant Radioactive Monsters is simply a waste of time).

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My samhain gifts to myself were Lost Horizons by everyone's favourite steampunk airship pilots Abney Park (I love Sleep Isabella), Elvenmusic by tolkein-inspired russian classical group Caprice (who actually contacted me via MySpace to see if I would be interested in their music and ... I was), Moon Oppose Moon and Saturn Return by Texan darkwave group Unto Ashes (which, apart from some contributions to certain Projekt compilation albums completes my collection), Then and Again by Voltaire (which again completes my collection of his stuff and includes his excellent Goodnight Demonslayer lullaby), Sub Rosa by goth duo Mirabilis, Translucidia by german darkwave group Qntal, and in a week's time, the debut album by incredibly-cute-looking-in-a-moustache Polish songstress Julia Marcell (although I'm mildly annoyed at myself for forgetting to contribute to her Sellaband project as a Believer, but I got distracted just as I was going to do so and afterwards thought I had). Oh well. I shall just have to settle for the public-release album then. <grumble> <sigh> [All but the Abney Park and Julia Marcell are mp3s, which I'm finding far too convenient at the moment since I've spent the last nine hours unable to even get up and turn the light out and go to bed. Ouchie.]

And while it wasn't exactly a samhain gift, I shall accept the recent totally unexpected surprise gift of a bottle of the Scarlet Liqueur Mead from Charteau Dorrian from an incredibly-cute-looking-even-without-a-moustache young woman as such, as this was definitely in the spirit that it was sent. [In all three senses of the word, I'm thinking.] I shall look forward to when I might sample that rather delightful tipple once more. In return, Eris was kind enough to give her a set of brightly coloured expresso cups, much to her delight.

[I'm still resisting the purchase of some really cheap Dreamblade minatures because I know I'll never play the game. However the discount price is making my fingers itch and I have to keep reminding myself that, even if they could find use in Don't Rest Your Head, Bliss Stage, Underworld or any other similiarly-themed game, I don't use minatures. Speaking of which, must get around to ordering a physical copy of The Trail of Cthulhu before they are all gone. Especially now that Houses of the Blooded is also out (although I shall avoid the rather-pricy limited edition hardcover). They shall have to be my birthday gift to myself. After all, according to Mystic Moo of Pelgrane Press, am I not born under the squamous sign of the Shoggoth?

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After running around most of the afternoon I decided I could do without the Fringe tonight. After all, Ollie will still be on next week according to the guide, and the temperature outside was hot enough to melt steel. Seriously, I think holding a popular Arts festival on Venus was a mistake. But would anyone listen to me?

Did some work converting Spirit of the Century into the The Totally Unauthorised and Unofficial Girl Genius RPG, which is almost trivially easy when you think about it. Don't know when I'll get to run it at the moment, though. Also had another attempt at answering the latest Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies beta-playtest question, but my answers appear to be either too abstract or too complicated for my satisfaction. Must remember to mention that skyship keels are really vulnerable, too, but that's just the physicist in me noticing critical system vulnerabilities and the strategist in me going "hit them there."

At the moment I'm killing time while downloading some games PDF from the big PDF games sale. Nothing exciting really. Basically raw materials for the disassemblers. The interesting stuff I got a couple of days ago(Weapon of the Gods Companion, Unlikely Flowerings, Neverwhere, Questers of the Middle Realms, and Runequest Gamemaster's Book (yes, I know I had decided to stop collecting the Mongoose travesty but it was cheap and there may be something interesting to use in there). Neverwhere does look interesting though, especially in conjunction with, Underworld. Very flavoursome.

I do need something interesting to read though. Glen Cook's Lord of the Silent Kingdom (the second book of The Instrumentalities of the Night) is difficult to get into at the moment. Not sure if it's the epic political fantasy nature of the fact that he is culling from history (and only changing the names a little bit) which is putting me off. I think I need something light and fluffy (although I did relax yesterday by reading the entire Matador trilogy by Steve Perry, which definitely isn't, but I like the universe he created, and Khadiji's chosen method of taking it down). Must remember to excavate a path to my library again (Venus, remember, or maybe it's just my flat).

Fringe: Don't think I'll hit the Bollywood Dance Club this Saturday, although I may do it next week if I'm bored enough. Although it would be probably more fun to go with other people. Which means my next Fringe thing is seeing Scod on Sunday, then probably A Record or an OBE and Cyranose on Tuesday, Tripod on Wednesday, and that's me out of the Fringe for this year, and I can return you to my normal silence.

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For those interested in obtaining some cheap games Mils Sims is having another sale (this week only; ends 20th October). Up to 20% off the interesting stuff, less if you mainline GW, WoTC or WW. Disclaimer: I'm not associated with Mil Sims apart from as a customer.

Personally I'm interested in Colosseum (entertainment entrepeneurs in Imperial Rome), Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (build Cleopatras palace and skim the most money off the top without being fed to the crocodiles for corruption), and possibly Cayluss (build the Carolingian's castle without too much corruption and, not surprisingly, very few crocodiles). Twilight Struggle (the Soviet-American cold war where the player that launches first loses) looked interesting, especially since it seems to naturally cause the players to role-play their respective ideologies according to reviews, but as it's a 2-player game it is not likely I shall find someone to play it with (at the moment our social games group is 5 people). And I've had to skip over some interesting stuff such as Allembra, Puerto Rico, and Goa because another member of the group already have them.

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Happy Yule To me! Happy Yule To Me! )
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Australian gaming fans might be interested to learn that Military Simulations is about to have another of its online sales (and this time I didn't put a large order in just the week before). From next week there will be up to 20% off all roleplaying and board games. Full details on their website. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them in any way, except by being a customer of theirs since the mid-70's. This is a courtesy announcement (especially since I tend to forget about these sales myself).


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