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Thanks to the friend of a friend of a friend moving overseas, I now have the issue of The General (V20N3) with the additional Prestige Tables for Down With The King. Now you too can compose music, be a philanthropist, indulge in black witchcraft, buckle your squash, spy on the other players, collect great works of art, turn privateer or smuggler, or indulge in the more scholarly pursuits. And of course, fall in an open grave and give a moving eulogy at the wrong funeral.

Now all I have to do is locate all the components (the box got damaged), find the copy of Adventure Gaming with the real world conversion rules, and find a group of friends willing to play it.

I'd been looking for these tables for some time, in fond nostalgia for the game where I performed abysmally on all the standard tables, but excelled at being a master of the Dark Arts. "Romance is for fools I tell you!" <sigh>

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Or alternatively: Go Speed Racer Go!

I quite liked the film, but it's definitely film that will polarise the audience. Either you accept the underlying anime premise and relax and enjoy the movie (in which case it flows a lot faster than you expect), or struggle to catagourise it by thinking it is something that it isn't (and end up leaving in disgust).

The aggregation of boardgames continues, with the likely candidates being Power Grid, Ticket to Ride (Europe), In The Year of the Dragon, and Shadows Over Camelot in this round. I would have gotten Galaxy Trucker or Twilight Struggle, but since neither copes with 5 players I doubt I'll get to play them if I do. Considered expanding Arkham Horror (and still might), but probably won't get a lot of play out of it either (although it would impressive when fully set up). Might also get Give Me The Brain for the non-gamer crowd, although Family Business is probably also a valid alternative.

I was seriously tempted by Agricola,the new German game of being peasant farmers attempting to become prosperous peasant farmers, but this will probably need to wait for the next round of aquisitions (which means someone else from our gaming group will probably snaffle it ahead of me; pity, looks fun).

Meanwhile we have just completed a number of games of Imperial, the pre-WWI game of arms profiteering. Quite a good game with an apparent similarity to the classic Diplomacy game, although this is misleading, since identifying with any specific country is a recipe for disaster. Too many players focused on creating economically viable countries, when the real secret in the game is to steal as much of the country's treasury as much as possible. Also, being in control of the United Kingdom apparently rots your brain.

Still thinking of virtual table-top roleplaying (although in this case it's more probably going to be roll-playing – VT and all). Really tempted to convert some old dungeon crawls, and seriously looking at using the old The Fantasy Trip rule set to do so, or at least modifications of it. However this will probably just add another circular tuit to my already impressively-long tuit shopping list. Thinking of getting some more indie stuff, but I'm cunningly going to wait until all the physical items are in stock at the same time, especially since it doesn't seem likely it will get played. Have I mentioned how much I hate the added expense of shipping? Especially since no one seems to offer "tramp steamer" rates any more. <sigh>

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I have now played Catan: Struggle for Rome. An interesting expansion on the Catan system. The three player game is particularly viscious, since it removes certain fairly critical cities from play.

We also did our first session of The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries, which didn't turn out as well as we hoped. The term contrempts and farce might even be applied. I think a problem with these gmless games is that we need to get out of the habit of being Evil Gamemasters™ and actually cooperate in telling the story, even if we are labelled "The Opposition" at the moment. These sort of games require a metagame awareness. Especially this one.

And the other 50+ percent of the Adelaide indie gamning community doesn't want to play Grey Ranks, which I think is a shame. After all, who wouldn't want to play a role-playing agme about a doomed uprising in 1944 Poland where the probably result is death, psychotic trauma or suicidal depression (and that's just the effects on the players). Actually I like some of the concepts of this game, particularly the Action Grid (your ability to do something is often based on your state of mind from suicidally overconfident to suicidally depressed). I did say the game was rather ... cathartic ... didn't I?

And for the first time in 30 years of fantasy role-play (well actually in this case the trope didn't develop for about two to three years), I am seriously contemplating running a fantasy campaign where the orcs are not the good guys!



But at least the elves will still be psychotic bastards, so all is not lost.

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Just received my copies of Colosseum, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, and Caylus. [Maybe I should have looked at other letters of the alphabet too...] I must say that a good bit of the fun in getting a new boardgame is punching out the pieces, although this is rather expensive fun compared with, say, popping the bubbles of bubble wrap.

A preliminary look at the games... )

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Gen-Con saw the publication of Hobby Games: The 100 Best, where 100 Names in the industry selected what they considered to be the best game (they didn't write) and wrote about it. Courtesy of [ profile] doccross we have the I've done that game too meme!

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