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Had a wonderful lunch with my third favourite kitsune (only because my second favourite kitsune gets annoyed if anyone apart from my first favourite kitsune preceeds Her Majesty [and even then, she is just bowing to the inevitable]) and her nauseated cat-thing at the Abyssinian. Excellent company, and quite good food, although the traditional injera rice flatbread lacks a lot of structural strength, making it somewhat messy food. <grin>

So much so that I'm vaguely contemplating an expedition to the restaurant to mourn the passing of another year (my 23rd and a bit*). It would have to be on the actual Thursday itself, given a couple of other people's commitments concerning small children (I might get confused and eat them too, you see).

* 0.377 (to 3dp). This, of course, relies on the assumption that all men are from Mars, and all women are from Venus.

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Thanks to the recommendation of [ profile] hnpcc (plus an awful lot of my friends went last Tuesday [without me – sob]), [ profile] molokov_au and I braved the heat (currently in the record ninth day of a 35+ Celsius [95 F] heatwave with no end in sight), to see A Record or an OBE. It is a Goodies tribute of sorts, but set in a universe where Bill Oddie did in fact walk away from the group in 1975. In real life the group was having so many problems that Bill and Graham did not actually talk to each other at times, even though they were still writing scripts together. One would write half an episode and the other would finish it, leaving some "interesting" [1] plot twists in the middle.

Anyway, this was The Goodies at the height of their appeal. They had 4 songs in the UK top ten. And Bill has left them to record an album on his own. [2] So Graham [Ben Mackenzie] and Tim [Rob Lloyd] are left to plan the next series, but keep running into the stumbling block of their missing member. While they are writing a comedy, this play isn't a comedy, but rather a serious analysis of what might have happened, told with great pathos and understanding of the historical dynamics of the trio, performed by extremely competent actors. Previous knowledge of The Goodies is not required, although useful at times.

The only thing that was wrong with the play was that Graham couldn't wear his trademark coat and Tim his Union Jack waistcoat, otherwise the actors would have died of heat prostration.

Highly reccomended. Go see it.

This was followed by a lovely dinner at La Guillotine [Hmmmmm. Creme de caramel!], whilst killing time waiting for Cyranose.

Yes, I have seen Cyranose before, but I thought I might as well see it again, particularly since I wanted to by some merchandise (DVD copies of the plays I haven't seen). And I admit that I might have bought a few tickets for friends (who were sad, or complaining that they couldn't afford the Fringe because they were about to tour America, or who had given me lifts in the past, or who had a birthday recently, or who had been the only person happy to see me that day [it's time I stopped working for Soylent Industries]), all on the condition that if they couldn't make it to the show, they give their tickets to someone that could. [3]

Anyway the show was as excellent as always, although I noticed that more than a shade of boredom had inflicted the players, as they kept trying to score points against each other (which is always fun). Well worth seeing again, although my hat is off to Samantha who has now seen the show seven times (I recognised her from last time). At one stage in this show, where the audience was supplying words, Sound & Fury suggested that we could be as dirty as we like, which resulted in them getting words like "mud," "laundry" and "dirty."

On the good news front, they should have just finished an audition for putting on Testacles and Ye Olde Sack of Rome at the Garden of Unearthly Delights at midnight on the weekend (in La Cascadeur I believe). More information as I get it.

Also, while walking people to their cars, I discovered a "Dessert Palace" on the western part of Gouger open to quite late that serves coffee and lots of sweet asian desserts. Must try it some time. Looks interesting.

Tomorrow [Fringe +19]: It's off to the Garden to hopefully see Tripod perform. I say hopefully, because Scott has apparently just had a kid, so it may just be Bipod. That's the last of my pre-booked shows. I might do Lumina on Friday, Every Film Ever Made and Testacles on Saturday, and am debating Ollie.

[1] It must mean he has interesting lobster claws...

[2] Someone once ran a punk-rock superhero RPG campaign where the superheroes took the names of famous rock musicians of the 20th Century. I must have been channelling this universe, because my character had the secret identity of ... Bill Oddie.

[3] Only a third of them made it to the show. Sigh. I really don't know why I bother any more. The third that did make it waxed enthusiastically enough about the show that I was glad I had done so. Still, those third can expect frowns unless they can prove they gave their tickets to someone I didn't recognise. Sorry. It's a rather sore point, since I especially stressed the condition when I gave them the ticket and they all agreed. Grrrr.

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"O humble, great and wise Lords of Numbers, I beseech you to hear my plea, for a humble Cataloguer of Knowledge has no idea where to place a book on the Esoteric and Arcane Matters of your Profession. If you would take a moment from your contemplation of matters N-Dimensional Geometrical and Numbers Theoretical to Consider her small request, she would be Ever So Grateful."

And besides, it means that other mathematicians might be able to find the book, whilst browsing the appropriate shelves at the University where she works, so you'll be helping other maths junkies. <grin>

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As an indication of how far gone I am at the moment, I heard an excellent song playing on my stereo (which was set to random). Moving, complicated, and emotive, it satisfied both my catagouries for a favourite song, in that it was both musically and thematically involved.

"Oh!" I thought, "I really must make an LJ entry to say exactly how excellent a song it really is. I know lots of other people who will absolutely love this."

It was Father of Storms by The Merlin Bird.

My reccomendations still hold, but I now find myself embarrassed by not realizing the identity of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite groups.

Sorry [ profile] shadow_5tails.

I'll be forgetting the words to Burning Times next!

Although truth to tell I already have once or twice, but so has Adrienne, so that's ok.

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Due to various social reasons one was feeling rather poorly late today (one must really stop reading the body language of friends, but I was near full-analyst mode at the time so it was impossible for me not to interpret body language and vocalizations), but now two things have cheered me up immensely and dispersed the incipient black mood resulting from this.

[Thing The First] A very nice black wedding dress done fully in the traditional style, in the window of the new bridal boutique on the way home. While I suspect it's probably just supposed to be an eye-catching challenge to the traditional white/ivory/cream, I also know several brides-to-be that will probably descend on the store when I tell them (not having the spare cash for a full custom gown). I've only ever seen a red scarlet wedding dress in a traditional style before (that wasn't either a custom job or a costume).

Although I do like thematic weddings where the guests are required to come in costume as well. So far I've been to a Star Wars, Edwardian Regency, Gothic, High Magic/Society (I even got to be the celebrant at that one), Tolkeinesque/Faerie Fantasy (it was so tempting to go as a Uruk-Hai), Mississipi Riverboat, Military, Pagan, Shinto, Hindu (OK, so these last two (three?) technically weren't costumed events but traditional dress was required), and the inevitable Medieval-themed (especially if you have friends in the SCA). Actually, looking back on it, that's quite a few themed events. I sooooooo miss having access to a tailor willing to do costuming.

I've gotten to hold every traditional position in the traditional western marriage ceremony except for Flower Girl, Bride and (sadly) Groom. And no, I'm not getting married in the near future. It's just there has been a surprising number of engagement announcements over the last few months and lots of friends planning events. It's difficult not to get in the proper wedding spirit (which for me seems to be teasing the bride-to-be until she hits me with something heavy).

Remember brides-to-be, Bunnings often has ladders on sale!

[Thing The Second] <tee hee> A friend seems to be suffering from a recent attack of satori. Which is an extremely good thing to happen and fun to watch (even remotely via LJ). <grin> Although when Eris is involved it actually tends to be more of an "Oh Sh*t" experience too – She does love to mug innocent (or in this case, not-so-innocent) passer-by and have Her way with them. <grin>

I think half the fun of watching satori strike is that it is striking someone else – when it strikes you, you are generally too involved to fully savour it, and when it passes, you are no longer quite you any more.

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Another person has asked me 5 questions and here are their answers. Anyone desiring questions of their own can fill in a comment.

maelorin's questions )


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