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ETA: Next weekend I shall be indulging in vanilla icecream made from real vanilla beans and cream. Although for a while there it was quite close with no decision made.

ETA2: The Fates intervened. Since the place wear I was going to pick up my new speakers was just down the road from Toytown I indulged myself in the Wattleseed Icecream. But you teleoperators have your revenge. Icecream with an untrimmed moustache is messy. Messy drippy vengeance is yours for my hubris of defying your edict. <bwah hah ha ha ha ha ha ha>

[Next week I'll enact your choice.]

* And no, before anyone gets too excited over this statement, even suicide by dessert** is forbidden me. <sigh>

** Although genocide by dessert isn't, as anyone who was subjected to my experiments into how much chocolate could be put into a cake and still call be called a "cake" will probably attest.

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Hmmm. Wattleseed icecream. Well worth cycling down to the outskirts of Toy Town.

Not so sure it was worth the effort of cycling back though...

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I consider tonight's dinner adequate proof of why the moa became extinct.

Roast giant Australian dinosaur descendent (aka emu) in a native pepperberry and mustard glaze accompanied with a garlic, white turnip, and sweet potato mash and home-made damper [sadly, unburned around the edges (for that true traditional feel)]. Desert will be some home-made wattleseed gingerbread (it's an experiment) accompanied by (home-made, but not by me) macadamia icecream for the win – as soon as I feel I have some room for it (I always make too much when cooking just for myself).

Reminds me of why the kitchen is a laboratory that everyone has access to.

It feels so good to live in a country where one may eat the coat of arms (well, except for the magpie (Australian Piping Shrike), black swan (you can, but you'll be prosecuted), and the lion (which you can also eat, come to think of it, but there are not many stores in Australia that sell it). Now I have a supply again, I can plan for a proper Australia Day.

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I think I shall be having dinner at the Abyssinian (126 Henley Beach Rd, Thebarton), at about 6:30pm or so this Thursday (18th June). Possibly followed by dessert at the Sugarbowl (Gouger St, Adelaide). If anyone wants to join me, for no particular reason at all that I can think of, feel free.

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Had a wonderful lunch with my third favourite kitsune (only because my second favourite kitsune gets annoyed if anyone apart from my first favourite kitsune preceeds Her Majesty [and even then, she is just bowing to the inevitable]) and her nauseated cat-thing at the Abyssinian. Excellent company, and quite good food, although the traditional injera rice flatbread lacks a lot of structural strength, making it somewhat messy food. <grin>

So much so that I'm vaguely contemplating an expedition to the restaurant to mourn the passing of another year (my 23rd and a bit*). It would have to be on the actual Thursday itself, given a couple of other people's commitments concerning small children (I might get confused and eat them too, you see).

* 0.377 (to 3dp). This, of course, relies on the assumption that all men are from Mars, and all women are from Venus.

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It seems that a bowl of glutine rice, tapioca pearls, lychee jelly, two types of melon, mango, and banana does an excellent job of settling an upset stomach (although it's probably doing awful things to my blood-sugar levels). The Sugarbowl wins again.

Just back from a wonderful Spiral Dance gig where I got to dance like a mad dancey thing with a very beautiful dancey thing in red. [1] Almost didn't make since I still haven't really recovered from The Armada, even though there was no dancing there (then again, my real enemy is lack of movement; an excess of movement is simply painful rather than crippling), but valiantly made the effort (since it meant that I could see if I can sort out some Beltane stuff [yes, we still haven't really celebrated it yet] and wish my cousin a happy birthday).

Hopefully I will have recovered enough to dare Kate Miller-Heidke at The Gov next weekend. Looking forward to it. She can sing! Unfortunately the last few months have been pretty bad health-wise (although the actual prognosis for continued survival has drastically improved, albiet in a not-so-enviable state).

[1] It is perhaps unfortunate that there was an impromptu traffic light theme for the gig – as in green means go, amber means buy me some drinks and we'll see, and red means no... <sigh> <grin> =9)

[2] Looks like it's time to do another major raid on German, French, Swedish, and Bulgarian online CD stores...

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Had coffees (or in my case a banana and honey milkshake) and dessert at the Sugarbowl on Gouger St last night. It's an asian dessert place if you want to try something different. The Rice Balls in Glutinous Soup is quite nice, as are the Red Bean Pancakes. There are also more conventional fair if you are not feeling adventurous, or you can mix your own desert from a wide variety of ingredients. And they have Wasabi Icecream! And are open to 2am (and for some reason everything else closed early last night).
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Just back from a great brunch at Citrus on Hutt St with [ profile] dalmeny, [ profile] hafflat, and [ profile] dmw [1] in honour of [ profile] blithespirit's lightning visit to Adelaide to enjoy the Spring sunshine (and entice people to see Wicked so that she has an excuse to go again). Excellent, brilliant, company and good food (although I find good company to be the best flavouring for meals). I do miss the old LitSoc style crowd (most of my current friends don't do brunch).

In fact it was so good I forgot to give [ profile] blithespirit her chocolates. Mea saura, mea saura, mea maxima saura. But that shouldn't matter. Chocolates keep for fifteen years ... don't they? <grin>

Oh, and she asked if I would stop using centre justification in my LJ entires. Entirely happy to oblige. Just for you! No more centre justification!.

However due to the early onset of senility (although my critics would probably say that happened several centuries earlier), I completely forgot the name of a rather decent set of stories set in and on (in this case literally) Adelaide. Written by the irrepressible [2] [ profile] several_bees as part of her creative writing PhD, it's called 16 Across. More of her work can be found here. Just ignore any large gold and black buzzing objects flying around the place after nectar. They're (mostly) harmless.

And to complete the Cliff Notes for lunch, Eureka is a SciFi Channel show set in a town full of Weird Science. Quite fun. Although if you are interested in more serious scientific fiction, I do recommend Regenesis (at least the first few series).

ETA: And the movie that I couldn't remember the title of, but which shows that Glaswegians haven't really changed: Doomsday.

[1] And an honourary mention to [ profile] alexwinolj and partner who wiggled his fingers at me (even if they were too busy <sniff> [<grin>] to actually say hello).

[2] It's rumoured she even sees Daleks in the lunch room.

[3] Yes Veronica, parts of these songs are still blasting through my neurons when I'm not distracted by something else... <sigh>

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Spiral Dance will be playing at The Singing Gallery in McLaren Vale (South Oz) on Saturday 1 September 2007, from 8pm (doors open 7:30). $15/$12. The venue is cabaret style and BYO supper and drinks. Hopefully they will have some sort of rudimentry dance floor capability for those of us the music mooooves. Bookings are neccessary (0413 358 618), especially as the venue apparently has a maximum capacity of 80 or so.

A table for 3 has been booked for myself, [ profile] rowlirowl, and [ profile] freyaw under my meatspace name. If anyone would care to join us, I'm sure you would be very welcome. I'll probably be playing musical chairs anyway. <grin>

But that now leaves the important stuff – supper. So, my fellow, table confedéres, what would make the perfect supper?

I'm thinking of bringing, at a minimum, a Mulots' Tarte Comtoise (and maybe some Pate Berechon and a large quiche – I still haven't worked out the illegal ingredient that they use to add flavour and taste to their quiche; nobody else can do so, so it must be illegal), although I shall also probably bring a Wattleseed, White Chocolate, and Macadamia Pavlova sufficient to inspire diabetes in any casual onlookers. It's time I increased my HbA1c anyway, it's fallen to something almost respectable.

Anything else anybody wants me to bring? And what things are you wanting to bring? We still need some delicious entree and nibbles (something I'm very bad at deciding on, although I could drop by Kitchenhand) and more to fill the main course, me thinks.

Edit: Hmmmm. Fondue? Cheese or chocolate? And will it be strawberry season? [I suspect not quite, so there goes the erotic decadent strawberry eating...] How many sins can we evoke at one supper? That is the question. <grin>

And yes, [ profile] freyaw still motoring along unthinkingly (when I'm lucky). If you want you can bring a blunt spoon and eviscorate me. It would probably make us both feel better. <grin> I love my patron goddesses very much, but sometimes they can both be a bit of b*tch, especially when they get jealous.


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