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I've just been informed that the Conjecture Quizz Night I had previously told people about has been cancelled postponed until at least after the Fringe next year. Apparently there were insufficient bookings (or rather, too many people with other events on this weekend, it being near in the Silly Season*).

Anyway, if I hear about the new time and location I shall keep you informed. If anyone is actually interested.

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What do Ursula LeGuin, Superman and "A Clockwork Orange" all have in common?

They are all answers to questions at the first annual conjecture SF Quiz Night.

Questions on SF, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Films & TV of the fantastical imagination. Come along! Form a table with friends to tackle the tough questions and claim prizes and victory!

6:30 for 7pm Saturday, December 12th at the North Adelaide Community Centre, 176 Tynte St. Phone roman on 8211 6460, or email to book your table. ($10 per person, tables of 8-10)

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It looks like something is finally happening with Conjecture (the 2009 Australian National SF Convention). Or at least, they've finally made their website look a lot more professional.

There is still an almost total dearth of event information (which is rather worrisome for a natcon happening in just over 90 days*), and very little to attract the avereage fan off the street (if you don't already know about natcons – and the last one in Adelaide was 24 years ago – or are not already connected with the fandom community it's doubtful you would have any interest in attending, which would be a pity).

Anyway, if you thought it was just a scam site before (and from conversations I've had this was by no means an unpopular opinion), go back and have a look. Perhaps they might even have some more details up soon.

* And yes, the use of 90 days rather than 3 months is intentional. There really isn't that much time left. IMNSHO.

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The following is a community service announcement on behalf of The Roman. Please pay attention. There will be a test afterwards.

announcing an Adelaide SF convention - this Saturday )

So support Adelaidean fandom! [The real one, not the company that pretends to be one.] There is guaranteed to be no famous internatiuonal guest of honour. And no masquerade, but you can come dressed up it you want. And you can preview the 2009 Natcon (which is being held in Adelaide and looks likely to be a rather exclusive affair, if one was the sort to listen to gossip).

Unless, of course, because of the late notice, you already have a booking you can't get out of...

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So the locum asks, "how much pain are you currently in?"

"Pain is such a primitive concept," I reply cavalierly. "I prefer to think of it as my neurons battling evil in another dimension."

She looks at me strangely, almost quizzically.

"Oh dear," I think. "Now I'll either be sectioned, or worse still, have to attempt to explain my obscure sense of humour."

But then she smiles and says "I loved that movie when I was younger."

"An educated doctor," I disclaim. "Will wonders never cease!"

"Just for that, I'm using a bigger needle..."

Maybe I should have stopped before we reached the Frontier.

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Two amusing little cultural snippets I had to share:

classical dance in theatre )

cultural imperative on the BBC )

These have been brought to you by the "It's Friday" coalition and an outside temperature of .... does anyone know the temperature at which glass melts?


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