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ESA's GOCE satellite has mapped the gravitic fields around the Earth in order to create a geoid (a map of the ocean as shaped by gravity alone, without the influence of tides or circulation). You can find a copy of the animated geoid here (as well as a still image further down the page). Interesting stuff.

However what intrigues me is the extremely low heights measured just off Ceylon/Sri Lanka. As if something had sunk there and pulled the surface of the Earth down with it...

Yes! R'lyeh was actually located in the Indian ocean, just off India. No wonder all the modern explorers searching the Pacific can't find it. They were looking in the wrong place! Mr Lovecraft obviously changed the location of R'lyeh to prevent one of his readers accidentally stumbling upon it!

And as you can see from the following animation...

YouTube Video Below Cut )

...there are other depressions off Antarctica (McMurdo Sound, to be precise) [obviously he couldn't disguise the fact that William Dyer was headed to Antarctica], Bermuda, and, not surprisingly, California. Further signs of Deep One / Elder Thing activity?

I suggest we nuke these sites from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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Shoggoth 22 May – 21 June

After an unremarkable and rather damp summer, Shoggoths are feeling a bit down in the dumps. I've had a lot of complaints from them recently asking if the stars will ever be right. If you must invite them to your party at all, ask them to co-ordinate some spooky party games like Pin the Tentacle on Cthulhu. Remind them, though, that moving stars about using supernatural powers is forbidden under intergalactic law. Especially moving them so they spell naughty words. So just stop it.

Mystic Moo

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Here is a rather interesting idea.

Speaking generally, the last thing in most RPG books is a character sheet. Character sheets are the thing that players most use to interface between the design of the game and actual play. Character sheets have ranged from beautiful and elegant to ugly and neigh-useless. The design of these play-tools should be pushed further, not just asthetically but also their relationship to the games they belong to.

So they ran a competition to design a character sheet, and then gave the character sheets to various game designers to produce a game which used that character sheet.

And speaking of good game design, fellow Cthulhu addicts might want to try Fear Itself. Written by Kennith Hite (modern occult game expert) and based on a gamesystem by Robin Laws (freelance game designer extraordinaire) it's a game system that's sure to please. And the artwork looks excellent. And for those who have missed it, Ken has just finished his scholarly overview of Lovecraft's fiction at [ profile] princeofcairo. Well worth reading.


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