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Favourite quote (to date) from Starblazer Adventures, the FATE-based rpg (same system as Spirit of the Century) based on the British Starblazer space opera comics of the 70's and 80's:

"It was a highly specialized check-up, because 70% of Carter's body had been replaced by bio-electric units after an 'accident' in a department store."

I never knew shopping could be so dangerous. Looks like it has lots of usable ideas to scavenge for my version of the Girl Genius RPG. Looks like I am running out of excuses not to run it too...

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I don't know if [ profile] chadu reads the webcomic Order of the Stick, but if he doesn't, he might want to head here and be moderately amused. Of course, he could also head here and probably be thoroughly amused by the time he gets there.

This reccomendation can also be applied to the non-[ profile] chadu lifeforms amongst you.

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As someone who feels that it his duty to cheer for the villians in panto (someone has to), I find the latest development in Order of the Stick to be particularly satisfying.

Why do players assume that they are the only ones who are competent and can plan ahead?

<bwah hah hah ha ha ha ha ha>

Admittedly whenever I was a magician/sorceror/wizard in Certain Games™ I loved finding obscure but highly successful uses for spells. Although people thought I had gone overboard when I once used Flesh to Stone, Rock to Mud, Destroy Water, and Gust of Wind instead of just using a plain old Disintegrate.

But that kobold was sitting in my seat! <sulk>

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For those people interested in taking part in a PBEM Pendragon campaign... )

On a related front, I love this episode of Order of the Stick. Thanks [ profile] davidcook and [ profile] rwrylsin for pointing me in its direction. I miss the old fashion dungeon crawls sometimes. Nostalgia for a lost youth, probably.

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I just got the latest issue of Girl Genius (#12) and ... what the?!?

What actually did happen at the end of issue #11?

We all knew something had to happen to save [censored] from the [censored], but... what?


Maybe Kaja will be nice and tell us in her Secret Cypher Society Message...

And for all of you who are unfortuneate enough not to know what I am talking about, then head yourselves over to Studio Foglio and check out the free issue #1 online (and be prepared to be hooked).

All Hail The Winslow!


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