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Went to see Sophie Koh at The Wheatie with some friends. I'll probably like her new album best judging from the songs (picked up all three CDs at the gig). She is an enthusiastic and energetic singer and the live gig is well worth seeing. She suits The Wheatie and the venue suits her. I do hope she comes back soonish (less than 4 years this time).

The warm up act was Cookie Baker, back from Melbourne, for a bit and the audience was unduly packed with her friends and family.

Almost made it home without my lungs getting worse, but whilst irritated by the cold (lovely mist in the parklands), they do appear to want to stay in my body this time. Was a bit spacey from fatigue though. Far more than usual.

Gigs coming up are Kate Miller-Heidke, possibly Clare Bowditch, the Spiral Dance acoustic gig which I've now been ordered to go to. Don't know if I will go to the special quintet performance of The Idea of North (twice the alto power), although it is late enough that that decision may have been taken out of my hands. Definitely won't be going to The Tea Party.

[* Oh, and apparently "music Ian likes" is now code amongst a certain sub-group of my friends for "avoid this band at all costs."}

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