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Went to see Sophie Koh at The Wheatie with some friends. I'll probably like her new album best judging from the songs (picked up all three CDs at the gig). She is an enthusiastic and energetic singer and the live gig is well worth seeing. She suits The Wheatie and the venue suits her. I do hope she comes back soonish (less than 4 years this time).

The warm up act was Cookie Baker, back from Melbourne, for a bit and the audience was unduly packed with her friends and family.

Almost made it home without my lungs getting worse, but whilst irritated by the cold (lovely mist in the parklands), they do appear to want to stay in my body this time. Was a bit spacey from fatigue though. Far more than usual.

Gigs coming up are Kate Miller-Heidke, possibly Clare Bowditch, the Spiral Dance acoustic gig which I've now been ordered to go to. Don't know if I will go to the special quintet performance of The Idea of North (twice the alto power), although it is late enough that that decision may have been taken out of my hands. Definitely won't be going to The Tea Party.

[* Oh, and apparently "music Ian likes" is now code amongst a certain sub-group of my friends for "avoid this band at all costs."}

Date: 2012-07-21 04:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you made it, but boo to the people who couldn't shut up when their preferred performer wasn't on-stage. As you say, respect and basic decency.

Sorry to hear you won't make the Tea Party; hope you can manage The Idea of North, against the odds...

Also, I knew nothing about Uyghur/Uighur food until just now. How intriguing - is your favourite place by any chance open at a brunchish/lunchish time on Sundays? *hopeful look*

Date: 2012-07-22 10:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Unfortunately it is not open on Sundays. We can do Saturday dinner though, if you haven't already assigned it - that way we can desert at the Sugarbowl too).

[Although it's not exactly the highest class of eating establishment and will likely give a lamb overdose to 50% of the population (in other words it caters to vegetarians by pre-processing the vegetables into lamb and then serving the lamb).]

Otherwise I should probably start looking. All my favourite brunching places have closed since I've had the opportunity to take friends to them. <sigh>

The fun of attending a gig is being able to chat with friends about it afterwards. So I'm less enthused at the moment about going to gigs alone - it tends to exacerbate the negative consequences of loneliness ("You Are Never So Alone As When You're In A Crowd" is the name of my friend's page for good reason). It's fun for the duration but then I'm reminded afterwards. Plus it's harder to dig up enthusiasm for anything these days, so tend to let a lot more things slide than I used to. [Not depressed, more like "stretched thin" - in the Bilbo Baggins sense.]

And, yeah, I find people speaking during gigs to be annoying. The problem is that there is too much recorded music as background noise these days, so people have gotten in the habit of talking over music and carry that habit with them, especially at a gig. A concert hall, on the other hand, imposes a certain formal constraint that the relaxed atmosphere of a pub doesn't.

The Wheatie has actually gotten worse for this, especially for the free Saturday Arvo gigs (at least according to some of the performers I know). Not as bad as some of the other gigs they have done - but very frustrating for them all the same.

Then again it's fun when you go up to performers after a gig and they happily exclaim "someone was listening after all!" Almost as much fun as when the performers outnumber the audience and so come off stage and do an acoustic set for you (they were a duo)...

[Speaking of music I'm definitely going to have to grab a copy of the full Steampunk Opera sooner rather than later. Act I was indeed rather good. Mad Science necromancy for the win!]


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