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I know a couple of my regular readers will enjoy the following:

A Catalogue of the Official Adventures of Jago and Lightfoot
(As Compiled By The Secret Masters Sepiachord)

For those who don't recall, Henry Gordon Jago and Professor Litefoot were the local protagonists that aided the Doctor in my third favourite* Dr Who episode: The Talons of Wen-Chiang (w Robert Holmes; d David Maloney). [Although truth to tell, I preferred Li H'sen Chang, whose portrayal by John Bennett raised the show to 3rd favourite.]

[* And to quell questions as to my first and second favourites, they would be Pyramids of Mars (because of Set and his minion) and Robots of Death (because of D84 and the realistic portrayal of a human crew caught in a situation they never really imagined) respectively. Honourable mentions go to the two Peladon serials (simply because Alpha Centauri of the Federation is one of my favourite alien protagonists), Mission to the Unknown (because it was the only story where the Doctor never appeared and was a teaser for The Dalek Master Plan) [and of course Genesis of the Daleks, Death to the Daleks, Planet of the Daleks, and all the other Dalek episodes written by Terry Nation and not subsequently butchered by the director, because, well ... Daleks!], and ... <grin>]

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