Oct. 6th, 2012

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Complain about my piranhakeets, will you!


Next time you enter the Forest of Arbor you'll be begging for piranakeets!

On the other hand, manfully trying to avoid integrating Dave the Barbarian into my fantasy campaign. Then again, if I did, I don't expect anyone would actually notice. A pity there was only one series.

Actually did the write up for my Cortex Plus version of Gloranthan runeplaying. Looks good, and should probably test it at some point in time. The only problem is working out how much I can reveal for non-private use given it involves IP from not one but two companies. Sigh.

The experiment in my new D&D rules is to a large degree making level tangible in it's effects in the campaign (and not just by the abilities gained by the increase in level). This results in a social ladder not unlike that in Flashing Blades. Vaguely amused by the thought of doing away experience points entirely and working up a multi-dimensional level-based promotion ladder (a sort of fusion between Flashing Blades and Barony.). Characters trying to roll for promotion is vaguely amusing - especially if bribes may be spent gifts may be purchased.

Now I wondering if I could then run the whole campaign PBM, ala En Garde.

Really want to play (not run) an Old School Dungeon again, especially if I get to do it with DCC RPG. Or failing anything else I'll probably have to run it. Sigh.

And there is all the other stuff file on the Round Tuit.

Still plagued.


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