Sep. 14th, 2012

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Umm monthly music bits. Mainly for my own reference. Blah, blah. Links to Bandcamp where possible, or MySpace if not.

First off I quite like Dr Carmilla's Exhumed & Unplugged. Must grab a copy from Bandcamp (and probably the other albums, once I'm past this financial hiccup [on the other hand I quite like the deal I got on the bike - next year's model at this year's price]). I'm putting this here to remind me despite the fact I almost never look at these. Still someone might be interested.

I'm definitely having a love affair with Paul Shapera's Tales of New Albion: A Steampunk Opera. I love it both thematically and musically. Also getting a lot of play time at the moment is his Cthulhu the Funksical. Whilst I did get it primarily for the Cthulhu Funksical (which is excellent), I really love the two songs at the end Marionettes of bone and A melancholy tale from the icy lands. The first is a great song bayou magic in the spirit of Herbert West, whilst the second is an epic song quest in a fantasy world (not your typical role-playing world but one inhabited by avatars and tragic tales). You can listen to both at his Bandcamp site. [And buy the rest of them too, like I promised myself last month and no doubt next month too.]

Just received my physical Kickstarter copy of Unwoman's The Fires I Started. I haven't even had a chance to listen to the electronic copy I got some weeks ago, but no doubt it is excellent. Looks very pretty. Speaking of which also have Amanda Palmer's latest. Unlistened to again. And The Complete Instrumental Collection by The Clockwork Dolls. If you want the words buy Dramatis Personae. It's worth it for Impartial, which has to be one of my favourite war anthems of all time (and not just for cloud navies). OK, I also like Steeleye Span's Black freighter. "Hoop-la."

Just finished downloading the rest of Maximalism's Soundtrack for a Great Adventure [I don't know if I was well enough last month to comment on my music acquisitions. If not I'll do so later, but I might need to remember them first.] Not that they were bad but just suffered in comparison to Paul's work. I don't think I have even listened to Dead Can Dance's Anastasis yet! Then again I didn't quite get to the state where I listened to Kate Bush's Under the ice for three weeks straight, but I might have come close. [And I just grabbed Wild man thanks to adding links to this post!]

Speaking of which the sparse ambient electronica of Canada's Conjure One's Exilarch appeals a lots more to me at the moment, so be warned people! This also means The Synthetic Dream Foundation's Tendrils of Pretty is pretty tempting at the moment too.

While I'm not a total fan of the UK Pub Punk Steampunk that is The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (although I do like there some of their songs such as Stevenson), how can I go past an album entitled This May Be The Reason Why The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons, particularly when it features songs with a chorus like the one in The People's Common Sense Medical Advisor By RV Pierce MD (definitely NSFW).

Hmmm. My music player really wants me to buy Exilarch. Just to spite it I might buy the Cabaret steampunk of Victor Sierra's Secret Page. [Oh, and they have a cover of my favourite song of all - White rabbit - on an album on Bandcamp. Not the best version I've heard, but something to add to my Grace Slick inspired collection.]

Oh! Johnny Hollow's Dirty Hands has a cover of one of my favourite songs People are strange which sounds great. Sold.

Hmmm. I quite like Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis's alternate bluesy rock-and-roll Smoking in Heaven. And wonder of wonders, Amazon will actually sell it to me! iTunes won't. Maybe later gadget.

The Deadfly Ensemble's An Instructional Guide for Aspiring Arsonists isn't too bad either. Three albums, but only one and a bit downloads left. Hmmm. And Is till haven't looked as Miss Kitty Fantastico's latest selection of favourites!

Watercarver's Guild's Balladeers and Aeronauts. The Aeronauts' Burlesque and Ballons [and their White Lies album from Bandcamp - really good]. Good Co's Electro Swing for the Masses. Sigh. Stop writing music until I can catch up!

Oh well, my music sample player seems to be insisting on Exilarch, so that it will be. It's not as sparse as I first thought. Interesting. May have interesting complexities. Done. See. My dumb computer is smarter than me.

With a special shout out to Professor Shyguy's 8-bit synth Geekotica which wins the orphans for this week with it's geek love tribute to David Tennant in Dr Who am I. Although I'm grabbing the rest next month, especially the well reasoned Zombies > vampires.

ETA: Actually Conjure One's Exilarch is a lot better than I first thought it would be. Definitely something for fans of Sleepthief and the like. I'm adding the rest of their albums to my ever-growing queue. And TIWTMWWNBBFNCBKBCW has quite a few fun songs, such as Margate fhtagn, The people's common sense medical advice, Victoria's secret, and the titular tribute that is Brunel. Whilst I don't necessarily enjoy them musically I do like them thematically. I'll have to recommend it to the friend that keeps complaining that Steampunk is not punk. Only another 18 hours of new music to listen to...


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