Jul. 18th, 2012

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I'm one of the old-fashioned sort that feel that an album usually has a story to tell that you lose if you just pick songs from it. And rumours that I will buy an album simply because I like the cover art or the title may indeed be true. In this spirit I present the eminently enjoyable Cthulhu the Funksical by Paul Shapera. Bring on the funk!

"You don't know what it's like to lose your mind to the Bubble Man. It's the Bubble Man! Yeah!"

This of course forced me to also acquire his albums Subduction and The Steampunk Opera (Act 1).

Physical CDs this month are limited to Spiral Dance's Through a Sylvan Doorway and Abney Park's Ancient World. I actually haven't felt like listening to either yet (damn flu!). Also contributed to the latest Unwoman Kickstarter. If I had none of her music her keydrive would be great, but at the moment I have about half her music, so I'm undecided. Maybe next Kickstarter. Apparently she got a massive boost thanks to nice things said by Amanda Palmer and Warren Ellis. Also picked up song 2 (Bluebeard) of Yunyu's new album Twisted Tales. Haven't listened to that yet either. =8(

[Still listening to the Bandcamp sample of Cthulhu the Funksical. Brilliant!]

Raiding my e-supplier this month we have Steampunk Deluxe by Wintergarden and The Dark Steampunk Adventures of a Vampire Knight by Joshua Vervin.

[Oh wow! It really is a funksical! Go Nyalothotep go!]

And of course there was Frenchy and the Punk's new album Hey Hey Cabaret and Unto Ashes' Burial Foretold.

And to round it out Age of Steampunk by The "O" Man Jam because I like the guitar work on the intro to Cobalt Nebula, and Distant Worlds and The Poor Sitar Player, Rouge Windmill and the Satine Madame by the aforementioned Josua Vervin.


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