Jul. 11th, 2012

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For those who might be interested Brillig will be playing at The Wheatie on Friday July 13 from 9pm (sharp). Entry is free, and they promise a whole lot of new music featuring death and dismemberment (or simply dying of dehydration in the desert). Should be fun. Rumours that it is also Elizabeth's birthday may be totally unfounded (or at least unattributable to me).

Following that, on Sunday at 3pm at The Wheatie, Spiral Dance will be releasing their new album, Through a Sylvan Doorway. Entry is $15, but includes a copy of the CD (at a discount price).

[I'm going to try to be at both. I've almost stopped coughing and have reasonable levels of energy. I hope. At least I hope I don't relapse - the active fever phase of this bout of influenza, whilst mercifully brief (in my case one day), was also the most frighteningly bad bout I've ever had.]

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Michelle: I'm confused. What's the problem?
Fanny: What's the problem!
Nanette: What's! The Problem!
Fanny: They just lopped my head off!
Nanette: Game of Thrones style!
Fanny: With no warning!
Nanette: Ned Starkked her!
Michelle: I'm re-reading. I see nothing about a head, a guillotine, an evil boy king with mommy issues...


Michelle: I'm picking up a wee bit of snark here, so I'm going to take my toolbox and leave you to spiral down the rabbit hole you jumped into. Send a postcard!

[Quite enjoying the dialogue of Bunheads.]


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