Jun. 17th, 2012

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Despite the cold and incipient threat of rain* I headed down to The Wheatie to see Dandelion Wine (or Dandilleon Wine as Elise refers to them), in their whistle-stop tour of Adelaide celebrating 10 years since they produced their EP Light Streaming Down which they credit as their inspiration for heading off to Europe. This duo comes with more than their weight in musical toys of various sorts. At one point Nick was playing both mandolin and electric guitar (one strapped above the other), whilst Naomi was playing flute and electronic drum. Not that this was over several delayed loops as well. Given the basis of the journey the music varied from the electro-trance of their early years to the more complicated and deeper electronica fusion they currently play. It even included a new song!

Hopefully they will be back after their next European tour with a new CD. And hopefully they'll play at a venue much more suitable for dance than the Wheatie (despite the fact it is a good venue the varying slopes on the floor are tricky). Then again, it wasn't really a dancey crowd, much as I would have liked it to be.

A large part of the crowd was actually was there to see Leigh Stardust (or it just might have been that they had an early bed-time), as the crowd seemed to have thoroughly dwindled for Dandelion Wine. Which was a pity. Then again, DW can be an acquired taste.

Anyway Ms Stardust was the opening act and she ran through quite a few of her new songs, with the accompanying logorrhoea of bizarre commentary that makes her performances a lot of fun to attend. You'll never attend the same one twice, even if it had the same set list. I actually had a song about the Armageddon enveloping Adelaide dedicated to me for the mere price of a chocolate frog. [There did seem to be rather extensive contamination from Brillig in her new songs: disasters, death, mayhem, and bad (and good) love affairs.]

Anyway it was lots of fun and I am looking forward to see both bands again the next time the play in Adelaide.

[* Aforementioned threat being realised on the way home outside the new hospital construction site (no shelter). Which meant that my celebratory mango sticky black rice was a no go.]


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