Feb. 28th, 2012

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Note to self: Tammy Brennan. Putting on her new opera Confined in Alice Springs, somewhere around June. Attend if possible. Assuming you remember. <grin>

The result of a passing conversation at Chants de Catacombs. She has a great energy and spirit about her. Plus she dances!

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FIRST OFF: Anyone want to go see the last performance of Chants des Catacombes on Wednesday? Good show (a musical theatre in the round, set in the atmospheric confines of the Old Adelaide Gaol), and which finishes with a mini-gig by The Twoks. With dancing (at the gig), which when all is said and done is the reason I want to go. The downside it finishes after midnight on a school night. I'll have to go as my good twin though as the evil twin went last night. [People playing guilt cards should pay attention. Although as they don't dance, maybe they shouldn't.]

Chants des Catacombs is a rather good musical theatre production that makes excellent use of the ambience of the Old Adelaide Gaol. Immersive and progressive, the action takes place in and around the audience as they move through the confines of the Gaol. The chemistry between the actors (Nicola Andrews, Anna Boulic, and Laura Burzacott) is very good and they are in fine voice. The music for this performance is provided by The Twoks (Xani Kolac and Mark Leahy), and the performance is well suited to their distinctive style. And after the performance the show finished with a short set by The Twoks, with dancing.

Rumours that I may heve been seen dancing to The Twoks elsewhere may be exaggerated, but they are fun to dance to.

Made a passing acquaintance with Tammy Brennan, a composer of opera from Alice Springs, when we both wandered over to a window so as to hear the Twoks playing the prelude to the show. Apparently she has a new opera coming out in June, which might be tempting to see (although it will be performed in Alice Springs). She had a rather nice energy about her, and was not afraid to dance. Or chat with that strange bearded fellow. <grin> [Having seen her website she has been quite prolific. Now I just have to listen to some of her work to see if I'll actually like it (from the description I might). I don't dislike opera. Apart from Puccini.]

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Quite liked The Artist. I suspect all the actors had lots of fun mugging for the camera. It's curious the effect that a silent film had on the audience (it was the quietest audience I've known. The musical cues were definitely more profound.

Definitely deserved its Oscar wins.

And this doesn't break my rule of "no more than one Fring show a day" (which I have already broken twice), because it wasn't a Fringe show. But I do have sore feet and a bad knee.


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