Jan. 18th, 2012

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Nothing exciting in music acquisitions as an awful lot of Kickstarters came due at once recently. So basically I just filled up on discoveries made last month.

There was the rest of Indelible by Amber Lee and the Anomalies. Excellent cabaret accordian music, although as I mentioned at a Fringe show a few years back, female accordian players who perform in the nude should really get danger pay.

This was followed by the cool toy robot jazz of the eponymous album from the Zubatto Syndicate.

Discovered I hadn't finished downloading Gods & Monsters from Juno Reactor.

Don't Forget To Listen by The Radio Galaxy was something I found while trying to track down the music of Radio Galaxy (which I again recommend highly).

Having half an Unwoman collection is annoying as it doesn't make it worthwhile to subscribe to one of her frequent Kickstarters where an additional reward is the complete body of her work. So I finally gave in and got Unremembered and The City and I'll be haunting the rest of her stuff on Bandcamp.

Some more Eric Whiteacre to refresh my choral palatte.

A surprise was the accidental discovery that there was a new The Cog Is Dead single: Saviour of the Skies.

And concluded with the very first track of Cogs, Wheels, and Lovers by Steeleye Span.

We really need a good social networking site for music that doesn't pretend to be Farcebook, so that one can traverse the friends links and discover similar music. Myspace was good that way, especially following who an artiost's friends were. Alas and alack. And for that matter, a nice genre fiction site would be good too, for much the same reasons.


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